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You should never compromise on safety for comfort, however we understand the need for you to be able to perform at your best. This is why we are leading the way in revolutionary, award winning design, bringing a body protector like no other to the market.

Envisage wrapping your body in a soft adaptive foam that moulds to your shape and instantly hardens on impact. Our solutions are flexible, breathable and easy to adjust. The innovative foam, panelling and adjustment provides a comfortable solution that has improved safety without inhibiting movement. Refusing to settle for safety without the comfort, the FOMO FAZE range will surpass your expectations… you won’t even know you’re wearing it

Slide The FOMO Faze BETA Level 3 body protector has been developed using our patented DION technology and has been tested over and above the typical requirements and exceeds the industry standard by up to 65% making it, arguably, the safest body protector in the market.