General Conditions of Sale

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY – Atlantic Tech Group (Pty) Ltd's  (trading as Amazeballs) sole and unique obligation regarding product guarantees is limited to replacement or repair, subject to choice, of the Product that has been accepted by the Company as being defective, following the Company’s examination of the Product in dispute. Compensation for any other damages is excluded, whether direct or indirect, personal, tangible or intangible and specifically, any operating loss or loss of use, and any loss of earnings experienced by the Client or their successors-in-interest or any sub-purchaser of said Product. Moreover, the Company’s overall responsibility and the guarantee that the Client is entitled to will, if applicable, be strictly limited to the purchase value paid by the Client for the Product deemed defective.

PRODUCT USE – By acquiring the Products, the Client accepts that they are fully cognisant of how to use the Products and that they have the requisite knowledge, training and experience to use them without danger to either themselves or others. The Client commits to using the Product in accordance with accepted standards and acknowledged rules and to carry out the required maintenance for the Product in question. In addition, and notwithstanding the need for the aforementioned knowledge and experience, the Company will, for certain Products, provide the Client with a technical guide at the point of delivery, outlining the instructions for use and maintenance requirements. By accepting delivery of the Products in question, the Client acknowledges receipt of the aforementioned technical guide. The Client commits to restricting the use of the Products to their intended purpose and in line with the aforementioned technical guide and to ensuring that safety rules and the aforementioned technical guide are respected by themselves and by those they have responsibility for. Failing that, the Company will automatically be released from any liability, particularly on the basis of the Product guarantee.