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Getting from A to B shouldn't be a drag. That should definitely be one of our mottos!

The Kingsong electric unicycles were built from the ground up to provide you with a super exciting means of transport. Walking is boring and there is just way too much lycra in cycling these days.

Choose from The Beast, Bumble-B, Sorcerer or Brutus and own the streets. These electric-powered bad boys can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h!

KingSong Electric Unicycles

Kingsong Electric unicycles are the latest in super-cool, ultra-trendy ways to get around. Why have two wheels, when one will do?

The Kingsong range has a unicycle to suit you and are packed with awesomeness


  • Colour: A variety of colour options available
  • Connectivity: Link your unicycle up via Bluetooth
  • App Control Take control of your unicycle with your Android or iOS powered smartphone
  • On-board speakers: Think of it as a Boombox on a wheel
  • Front & rear lights: See and be seen
  • Power: Powerful motors (500W to 1200W, model dependent)
  • Battery: Swappable and quick to recharge
  • Speed: Cruise along at up to 40km/h (Model dependent)
  • Endurance: Depending on the model, you could get up to 60km from a single battery charge
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