Do you want to feel more energised and less fatigued?

The modern lifestyle is nothing short of demanding. We are required to operate at high
levels of physical and mental capacity daily.

As a society we have become more and more reliant on stimulants such as coffee and sports drinks.

These are often just a cover up for energy systems which are out of balance.

The technology found in Mojo products has been designed to potentially rebalance your
energy levels and restore your mental clarity to optimum levels.

Mojo products are incredibly easy to use. Simply wear a band around your wrist or ankle to
enjoy the benefits instantly.

Take a moment to read the testimonials on our website and
social media pages to learn how much better users feel after just one day of using Mojo.

Mojo can be cornerstone of your personal energy wellness program. Well-balanced energy
systems make for a well-balanced and energised human being, capable of living life to the absolute fullest.

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MOJO products do not contain magnets and rather interact with the body’s bio-electrical field. MOJO products help increase the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) through biological signalling. ATP is an organic compound that provides energy to drive the many processes in the body.

"Since using and understanding MOJO, we have noticed a difference in certain horses performance, recovery and pre and post race behaviour.

Lemony Bay and Rayvin Black get quite fractious travelling and pre-race so wear constantly. Many Clouds and puffin Billy use them to help them concentrate on the big occasions.

Even the staff wear MOJO wristband to aid niggles and energy levels.

I would recommend using MOJO to keep ahead of the stresses and strains which come with horseracing."

Oliver Sherwood,

Grand National Winning Trainer

"Without doubt my horses fantastic performance this season has been down to his MOJOs. In the winter I couldn't even hack him, let alone take him anywhere without him losing the plot.

But the moment I first put his MOJOs on, he transformed and when I take the MOJOs off he goes back to blind bolting and napping."

S McCormack

"We are literally blown away with the results of MOJOs. My hiorse is not spooking in all his usual haunts. Honestly, I cannot believe the results."

S Brown


William Fox Pitt

I have been wearing my Mojo for several years now and have never taken it off. It definitely does help me, my energy levels are good, and it keeps me healthy and well. It is great to hear that the FEI might be allowing the horse patches to be worn too, they can only help.

Paul Gaff

After receiving a new band at Olympia, I haven’t had my wrist ache since. I also have used the horse bridle/head collar patches. Being very sceptical I was astonished by the results and in the increased concentration levels not just on the one specific horse chosen to trial them but on all of my horses!

Charlotte Dujardin

Joseph Stockdale

The whole of Team Stockdale have worn Mojo bands for multiple years. We now even have Mojo Patches for the horses when traveling. I would highly recommend them to help improve your balance.

Tim Price

I love MOJO

Spencer Sturmey

I have suffered with a host of discomforts from various riding falls over the years (including breaking my neck three times) and have exhausted many tried and tested methods to try and ease those pains and live life a little more pain-free. Along came Mojo and I have been wearing Mojo for a number of years now – the difference is totally magical. In addition, what is more interesting is how my body feels when I take Mojo off for a period of time – Pain returns almost instantly! I chose to “ma...

Dan Jocelyn

I have been using Mojo for many many years now, and it’s part of my kit to bring my A game week in week out Eventing. Never take it off.

Stephen Way

We have seen great results in ourselves being more agile, helping with muscles and joints, and keeping our circulation going through the winter months.

Cyrus Besharate

Fighting as a Pro MMA it’s not easy at all as I have always done my training around the injuries I have picked during years of striking, wrestling and sparing…I felt the effects immediately after wearing the Mojo! I have notice better balance, strength, and flexibility straight away and it seems my injuries don’t affect my training as it used to do in the past…I am not going say Mojos is going to effect you exactly the same as me. As benefits are unique to each individual to users. But still ...

Mark Stockdale

MOJO helps me a lot focusing on my swing.

Laura Goodall

I'm a grade 3 para showjumper who suffers from multiple sclerosis and Mojo bands are a massive part of my life. As someone who suffers with muscle and balance issues, these have been amazing. I have a mojo on each wrist and the results have been fantastic. I am more stable, my balance is better, my strength is improving and my over wellbeing seems to have had a boost. You will never see me without these on and I would highly recommend to anyone!

Holly Woodhead

Love my Mojo wristband. It makes such a difference to my day to day life!

Josh Jones

I have been wearing a MOJO band for a number of years now. I have noticed an enhancement in my performance levels since wearing the band. Along with how quickly I recover from sessions.