Back on Track EQ3


You only have one head, protect it!

What is Mips®?

There’s lots to think about when searching for the perfect riding helmet. If you want to make the most out of your equestrian adventures, having the right gear is essential. You need the proper tack for your horse and all the right safety gear for yourself. At the top of this list is a helmet, which should be worn whenever you’re around the stables, on the trail, or in the ring. If you’re not sure you need a helmet, consider that the most frequent cause of death or serious injury among horse activities is head injuries. A helmet can protect you in the case of a fall, and also from other impacts that can occur when you’re on or around horses. Our low-friction layer inside the helmet allows multi-directional movement of 10-15mm on certain angled impacts, intended to help reduce rotational force to the head.

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Back on Track’s third generation of the EQ riding helmet.

Our team of designers has worked with professional riders to ensure a perfect fit and maximum safety. The EQ3 helmet differs from many other helmets by its unique MIPS technology. MIPS mimics the brain’s own protection system, with a unique low-friction layer between the head and the helmet. It is scientifically proven that MIPS reduces some of the energy generated by a fall. Compared to the test winner EQ2, Back on Track has improved fit, optimized ventilation and achieved the same light weight to maintain a comfortable feel. Of course the helmet is approved by the new safety standards CE VG1 01.040 2014-12.


  • Features MIPS technology
  • Improved fit
  • Optimized ventilation
  • Low weight
  • Pleasant wearing comfort
  • CE VG1 01.040.2014-12 approved

Technical description:

Outer shell: ABS. Inner shell: Black EPS. Leather strap: PU Leather +Polyester. Washable lining: 100% polyester. Strap: Polyester fabric. Buckle: Polyoxymethylene(POM).

Washing instructions:

Wipe with a damp cloth. Washable lining.

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Microfibre, Smooth


Black, Blue, Brown


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