Revolutionary GPS and safety tracking for all riders.

  • Ride safely, anywhere – worldwide GPS location tracking to 1 metre accuracy.
  • One Ridersmate for all rides, whatever you ride.
  • Automatic emergency messaging – texts your loved ones if you have a serious accident,
  • SOS button if you feel threatened.
  • 60 second window – if you detach Ridersmate accidentally it won’t send a message.
  • Auto emergency message cancellation should you re-attach.
  • Use a simple pre-pay or pay as you go SIM card [SIM card NOT included – see note below].
  • No monthly ongoing fees.
  • Constantly tracks your speed, location, heading, time and altitude.
  • Record, save and replay/share your adventures at
  • Easy fitting – attaches quickly to any frame, saddle or ride.
  • Simple operation – 2 minute set-up via your mobile phone or via your login at
  • Lightweight & durable – so it won’t slow you down.
  • 18+ hour battery life – for a full day’s ride.
  • When not riding, slip Ridersmate under your seat/saddle and set a geo-fence via text. Should someone steal your ride you will receive an alert text message and be able to track its location.
  • Horse riders: if your ride bolts and you are not in the saddle, easily track the location of your horse.

Note: A SIM card with credit is required for Ridersmate to work (not included). Source a SIM card from your local network provider, PAYG, pre-pay, contract are all suitable. Ridersmate will work on any network anywhere in the world.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 7 cm