Tekno the Robotic Kitty


Whilst this cute little pet  cat can be incredibly affectionate, she’s also partial to showing off her special trick of catching the occasional mouse! Children use hand movements and gestures to control Tekno Kitty who can purr and meow almost as well as a real kitten. In addition, she can move her ears from side to side and bend her tail to show pleasure or unhappiness. Tekno Kitty has amazing electronic eyes that let you know how she is feeling through a range of expressive movements and colours.

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Meet the Purr-fect adorable kitty! Tekno Kitty walks, purrs, and meows just like a real kitten. Like her puppy friend, she responds to your voice, lights and sounds, and has expressive eye patterns to share her feelings. Using cutting edge hand gesture technology, command your kitty to walk and stop. Using her mouse accessory, train her to do tricks! She will sit and beg for her mouse and even pounce to catch it! 


  • Loves to play just like a real kitty!
  • Understands your hand gestures!
  • Command your kitty to walk, stop, sit, beg, and pounce her mouse toy!
  • Ears and head move and has expressive eyes!
  • Interacts with you and other Tekno pets!

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