Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot Wonder Pack

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Get started with a new and improved Wonder Pack, which includes Dash and Dot plus all of the accessories: Building Brick Connectors, Bunny Ears/Tail, Bulldozer Bar, Tow Hook, Xylophone, and Launcher!

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  • Pair of robots that combines playing and learning for children
  • Able to sense their environment and wirelessly programmable
  • They Move, glow, make sounds and interact with each other
  • Fully assembled and ready to play
  • Includes:
  • 1x Dash Robot
  • 1x Dot Robot
  • 4x Building Brick Connectors
  • 1x Bulldozer Bar
  • 1x Dash Xylophone and Mallet
  • 1x Pusher bar
  • 1x Tow hook
  • 2x Bunny ears
  • 1x Bunny Tail
  • 2x Charging cables
  • 1x Launcher
  • 3x Launcher Balls
  • 6x Target Stackers
  • Ages: 8+

The Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot Robot Pack (Wonder Pack) are capable robots that can sense their environment and can be programmed wirelessly using a touch device. The Dash & Dot are designed to be fun at your home and in a child’s play room. The combination of sensors on these robots, the child friendly programming tools on touch devices, and the design of the robots makes it fun and easy for kids (and grown ups) to do several activities with robots that would have seemed impossible until now. They can move, glow, make sounds and interact with each other. This dynamic duo can do anything you set your mind to.

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