Introducing Ridersmate—the world’s only dedicated GPS safety and tracking device that automatically texts your loved ones in the event of an accident!


Ridersmate Horse Riders

However experienced and proficient a rider you are, there’s always the chance that you could fall off and suffer a serious injury, and if you’re alone when that happens, you could be in serious trouble.

In fact, an alarmingly high proportion (around 50%!) of people who fall off their horses suffer an incapacitating injury that would prevent them from getting back to safety, or using their phone to call for emergency assistance.

Independence and peace of mind

The confidence to ride alone, wherever you want to go

Anti-theft geo fencing – get automatic notifications should your horse box/trailer leave a designated area

Durable & lightweight construction

18+ hour battery life – suitable for a full day of riding

Advanced tracking technology to help you find your horse should you become separated

Ridersmate Biker

Motorbike accidents have the potential to be extremely serious, and after an accident, every second counts. The quicker you receive treatment for your injuries, the better your recovery outcomes are likely to be.

If you have an accident whilst riding alone, in rural areas, or at night, or you become separated from your bike, there’s no telling how long it might be before professional medical help arrives. By the time it does, it could be too late.

Worldwide GPS safety tracking

Record, share and save your favourite rides

Durable construction built to withstand high-speed crashes

Automatic accident notifications

18+ hour battery life – suitable for a full day of riding

Tracks your bike if you become separated

Ridersmate Mountain Biker

When it comes to mountain biking, falling off is an occupational hazard!

Whilst the majority of falls are fairly minor, resulting in nothing more than a few cuts, scrapes and a bruised ego – there’s always the risk of something more serious…

When you’re separated from your friends halfway up a mountain, or riding alone down some remote trails, Ridersmate will provide you with the confidence and security that comes from knowing you’ll be protected should the worst happen. At the same time, Ridersmate automatically records information about your rides – measuring speed, altitude, route and distance, so you can share your favourite routes and adventures with other Ridersmate members.

Ride safely, anywhere – worldwide GPS tracking

Record, save and share your favourite adventures with other riders

Constantly track your altitude, time, date, heading, location & speed

Lightweight & durable – so it won’t slow you down

18+ hour battery life – suitable for a full day of riding

Quick fitting – attaches easily to any frame

Ridersmate Road Cyclist

Worldwide GPS tracking, safety and protection

Record, save and share your rides

Records altitude, time, date, heading, location & speed

Durable & lightweight construction

18+ hour battery life – suitable for a full day of riding

Easy attachment to a full range of road bikes

You’re riding alone on a quiet, rural road at night, when you have an accident and injure yourself – how long will you have to wait until you’re rescued?

With Ridersmate, you and your family won’t have to worry – you can ride alone anywhere in the knowledge that if the worst happens and you do fall off and have an accident, you’ll never be left alone, injured and stranded.

Whether you’re a commuter, hobbyist or race cyclist, Ridersmate is designed to provide you with the security and peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re always protected.


Operating the Ridersmate safety features couldn't be simpler — the unit attaches easily to your ride, with a detachable jack plug that tethers to your belt loop or clothing.

Should you fall off your ride, the jack plug will detach itself from the Ridersmate unit, automatically sending out an emergency message to your chosen contacts. To cancel the response, you can simply reattach the jack plug to the unit, which will send a second message.

Quick & Easy Setup

Ridersmate is designed with quick and easy setup in mind, and all the phone numbers and emergency contacts can be configured and changed through a few simple text messages. You'll never need to plug Ridersmate into a computer, or mess around with the settings when on the go.