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What We Think

Life is tough, we get it.
Take the dog out for a walk - he finds a mud bath.
Hit the trails on your mountain bike - you eat the dirt
Go surfing - beach sand is your enemy

We have found the answer!

RinseKit is a compact, portable, pressurised 7.6 litre shower which will make your life a little bit easier. It also only takes about 20 seconds to fill up - what more can we say.

RinseKit is now in South Africa

The revolutionary RinseKit is a portable, pressurized shower that’s like having a garden hose at the campsite, beach, or trail. With no pumping, and no batteries, it fills in 20 seconds, storing the strength of a regular household spigot to deliver pressurised spray for up to four minutes. 

The only product of its kind, RinseKit’s patented design features the eon pressure system that holds up to 2 gallons (7.6 litres) of water with a spray nozzle that offers seven different settings from jet stream to soaking shower. RinseKit simply connects to any pressurised water source via the hose spigot, and stores the pressurised water for later use on the go.

Introducing the new Rinsekit Plus.

Rinsekit Hot Rod Heater

RinseKit Plus can be filled with hot or cold water from a non-pressurised source and then pressurised in the field with the new Rinsekit Hand Pump (Rinsekit Plus Bundle 1). Rinsekit can also be heated using the new 12V Rinsekit Hot Rod Water Heater (Rinsekit Plus Bundle 2).

The new Rinsekit Plus is available for order in one of three combinations:

  • Rinsekit Plus
  • Rinsekit Plus Bundle 1 – includes the new Rinsekit Hand Pump
  • Rinsekit Plus Bundle 2 – includes the new Rinsekit Hand Pump and the Rinsekit 12V Hot Rod Water Heater

Rinsekit comes packed with thoughtful features, including:

  • Compact design with a 2 gallon (7.6 litre) pressure chamber
  • Folding handle for one-handed carrying
  • Easy-to-remove lid to stand on for changing
  • Built-in ruler to measure fish


You can find directions on how to fill and drain your RinseKit printed on the top of the inside tray – just open the lid and there they are!

The RinseKit hose quickly attaches to your water spigot with a quick connect coupler and fills the two gallon eon™ pressure chamber with approximately 65 psi of water pressure (standard home pressure) in 20 seconds time — and can hold pressure for up to one month. Simply attach the spray nozzle to the RinseKit hose with the quick coupler, select one of the 7 spray settings and fire away! This patented design has no moving parts and can be filled with hot or cold water an infinite number of times

No pumping is necessary when you fill it with a standard hose spigot. However, in the near future we will be offering the ‘Field Fill Kit’ which will allow you to fill the RinseKit with still water and quickly pressurize the system with a standard bike pump.

No batteries, No moving parts. No nuclear reactors.

RinseKit weighs just over 10kg's when it’s full and 4kg's when it’s not