Bee-Bot Educational Robot


With its cute little honeybee face, the Bee-Bot is a programmable educational robot and excellent teaching aid for pupils from nursery through to primary school.

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Bee-Bot: the educational robot that does exactly what it’s told

The Bee-Bot is cheerful, round and very good fun, but it does much more than simply make people smile – it allows children from the age of 4 to get to grips with the rudiments of robotics and with the characteristics of a robot.

How come my robot can move forward by itself? What do I have to do to make it go where I want it to?

Not only is the Bee-Bot good fun, it’s also child’s play to use! There are directional keys on the top of its back – left, right, up, down – and an OK button to validate.

Children simply have to visualise the journey they want their Bee-Bot to take on a mat divided up into squares, then program the robot by pressing the right arrows.

When they press OK, the Bee-Bot sets off allowing them to check they’ve not made any mistakes.


Learn more about the Bee-Bot robot in this video presentation

A multitude of games for a nursery or primary school robot

The Bee-Bot can be completed with a set of educational materials, consisting of various mats for taking different journeys and an educational booklet.

This robot, ideal for nursery and primary schools, can therefore accompany children as their knowledge of mathematics, geography, spelling and vocabulary progresses.

It helps nursery pupils develop their spatial awareness by imagining the best route for their Bee-Bot. Later, Bee-Bot will accompany them as they discover different animals, additions and subtractions, and even a country’s geography.

Educational Bee-Bot robot: no need for a computer to code!


The buttons located on the robot’s back are:

  • Move forward 15cm
  • Move backward 15cm
  • Turn left 90°
  • Turn right 90°
  • Execute the sequence of instructions
  • Pause
  • Reset (format the robot)

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