pronunciation /uh-meyz-bawlz/ adjective informal - Extremely good, impressive or amazing.

The Coolest Stuff

Our mission at Amazeballs HQ is to scour the globe in search of totally awesome, technologically advanced items for equestrians, coding educators and more. Our aim is to make them easily available and affordable for you to enjoy too. All products are shipped from us here in Cape Town so no worrying about import duties or any other hidden costs.


Stay Awake

We keep our eyes open, and our ears to the ground. If there's something Amazeballs being launched, we'll know.


We'll get in touch with the right people - from sales folk to CEO's - and negotiate to get the best deal for our customers

You Get It

Once the product has passed stringent Amazeballs testing criteria, we'll make it available to you on this very website

You Buy It

We offer convenient payments methods to create an enjoyable shopping experience.

We're always on the lookout for new and innovative products. If you've spotted something awesome online that you would like to see in South Africa then contact us and we'll see what we can do.


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