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Flash Signal for Recording with Horse Tracking

When using Horse Tracking with Pivo, it is recommended to use the rear camera for camera quality and improved tracking. Using the rear camera flash, Pivo will now signal to you when you start recording or stop recording so you'll never accidentally take a photo ever again!

Start Recording

  • The Pivo Pod App will count down from 3
  • The Pivo Pod App will beep 3 times
  • The rear camera will flash 3 times

Note: these will all be in synch.

Stop Recording

  • The Pivo Pod App will beep 1 time
  • The rear camera will flash 1 time

Please note that the beep will come from within the Pivo Pod App. To hear the beep, please make sure the media volume is turned up on your smartphone.

Horse Tracking: Tips & Tricks


1. Place Pivo at X

Pivo works best when it can track the full shape of your horse at an even distance all around. X is the best position to place Pivo at for optimal performance. If you're tracking with Pivo in an open field, the middle of the space will be ideal.


If you want to track your horse anywhere but X, please turn off Predictive Follow and turn on Auto Zoom.

When placing Pivo at the side, we recommend keeping a distance in the following conditions:
- 2 meters in walk
- 3 meters in trot
- 5 meters in canter

2. 10% Rule

In order for Pivo to pick up on your horse, it should be within 10% of the screen. That being said, the quality of Tracking depends on factors such as lighting, distance, speed of movement, your smartphone camera specifications as well as the size of the object in the screen.

3. Stand Out!

We want to see you, and Pivo also wants to see you! Help Pivo distinguish your horse from the background by using some brightly colored horse gear.

Note: The gear should be in contrast to your horse and the background if your horse is a similar shade to your background.

  • If your horse is light and the background is light, use dark gear.
  • If your horse is dark and the background is dark, use light gear.

4. Set up Your Smartphone

The best camera position for recording Horse Tracking with your Pivo is in landscape mode with the rear camera (rear cameras often have higher quality than front cameras).

5. Type of Smartphone

The Pod and apps are compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones which meet the minimum configuration requirements:

  • iPhone 7 or above with iOS 12.0 or higher
  • Premium Android phones from 2017 and later with Android version 8.0 or higher

That being said, the more recent the smartphone, the higher the camera quality is likely to be. The higher the camera quality, the easier it will be for Pivo to track you.

Please check out full list of compatible smartphones for tracking here.

If your phone is not on the list, please ask our Official Horse Community.

6. Action Cameras

For some variety in footage, action cameras are a great option to use with Pivo. While Pivo is tracking your horse with Horse Tracking on your smartphone, you can be filming with the action camera attached to the Action Mount for wider lens capabilities. Click here for How to Get Started with the Action Mount.

7. Working Pivo Remotely

Once you've set up your Pivo to AI Horse Tracking, you can take photos and start recording videos remotely with a few options.

Smart Capture: You can take photos remotely using the smart capture Gesture Gesture.png mode. If you're looking to take pictures with your Pivo while you're on your horse, but don't have a remote control handy, you can simply clap from your position and Pivo will register the noise and take your picture for you.

Alternatively, if you're using a Bluetooth headset and are further away, you can clap and the sound will be registered by Pivo through your Bluetooth headset. Pivo will then take your picture and the countdown sound will play in your headset so you know the exact time to strike a perfect pose!

Remote Control: You can completely control your Pivo using the included remote control. Follow the instructions in the pictures below for how to use your remote control with Pivo with Tracking on or off.


Tips & Tricks: Mode Settings

1. On-Screen Position

Use Left Position (if you are moving from left to right) or Right Position (if you are moving from right to left) in Landscape mode for better tracking when you're wanting to move at a faster pace.

With Auto-Alignment, Pivo will automatically adjust the alignment of the tracking target on the screen to ensure that the target is always centered. When the target is moving towards the left, the Pivo Pod App will automatically adjust the alignment to Right to ensure the target is centered. When the target is moving towards the right, the Pivo Pod App will automatically adjust the alignment to Right to ensure the target is centered.

2. Tracking Speed

Set your Pivo at slow if you're looking to move at a chill pace, or at Fast or Frenzy (only available with Pod Silver) if you're looking to move at a faster pace.

3.  Predictive Follow

If you're looking to ride at a fast pace, turn on Predictive Follow so that even if you ride out of frame beyond the rotation speed of your Pivo (10 seconds per rotation for Pivo and 4 seconds per rotation for Pivo S), Pivo will track you in the direction you're going for 40 more degrees.

4. Target Exposure

If you're riding in an area with uneven lighting, or in the morning or afternoon where the sun is brighter on one side of the screen, we recommend turning Target Exposure on. With Target Exposure on, your horse will be evenly exposed no matter whether the background gets darker or lighter, and Pivo will be able to track your horse easier.

5. Auto Zoom

Auto Zoom is a super cool feature that allows Pivo to automatically zoom in and out on the tracking target in Smart Tracking. When you move far away, Pivo will automatically zoom in to make sure you stay within 10% of the frame in order to continue tracking you at a far distance. Please turn on Auto Zoom in order to track your horse at further distances.

Are iOS and Android Both Supported? 

Yes. The Pod and apps are compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones which meet the minimum configuration requirements:

  • iPhone 8 or above with iOS 13.0 or higher
  • Premium Android phones from 2017 and later with Android version 9.0 and higher

Best Phones for Auto Tracking

Please be aware that the app might require a lot of processing power and also needs a good quality camera in order to run Auto Tracking smoothly. For the best experience, please refer to the list below:

Note: For Pivo Tour compatible smartphones, check the list here


Manufacturer  Recommended Model


 iPhone 12 series
 iPhone SE (2nd gen)
 iPhone 11 series
 iPhone XS series
 iPhone XR
 iPhone X series


 Manufacturer  Recommended Model
 Samsung  Galaxy S21 series
Galaxy S20 series
 Galaxy S10 series
 Galaxy S9 series
 Galaxy Note 20 series
 Galaxy Note 10 series
 Galaxy Note 9
 LG  G7
 Xiaomi  Mi 10 series
 Mi 9 series
 Mi 8 series
 Mi Note 10 series
 Mi Note 9 series
 Mi Note 8 series
 Google  Pixel 5
 Pixel 4
 Pixel 3
 Oppo  Find X2
 Find X
 One Plus  8T
 Motorola  Edge +
 Sony  Xperia XZ2
 Xperia X1
 Xperia X1 ll

Community Approved Phones

If your phone isn't on this list, but you want to check if it works, you can ask our users on our Official Pivo Community. For Horse Tracking, you can ask our users on our Official Pivo Horse Riding Community.


 Manufacturer Model


 iPhone 8 serie


 Manufacturer Model


 Galaxy Note 8
 Galaxy S8 series

 LG  V30 Series
 Xiaomi  MI Max 2
 Redmi Note 8 Pro
 Redmi Note 3
 Redmi Note 6 Pro
 Redmi 5 Plus
 Redmi 4
 Mi A2 Lite
 Poco F1
 Google  Pixel 2
 Pixel (1st gen.)
 Pixel XL
 Oppo  F11 Pro
 One Plus  5T
 Motorola  Z4
 G8 Plus
 Sony  Xperia 1
 Xperia 10 Plus

 P20 Pro
 P30 Pro/Lite
 P Smart

Note: Due to government restrictions, Google’s apps and services are not available for preload or sideload on new Huawei devices. Click here for more information.

Special note on Huawei

Since May 2019, Huawei smartphones are delivered without Google Services which would be a problem for our Pivo apps. Our apps are only available on the official Google Play Store, which is now inaccessible to the latest Generation of Huawei phones. If you would like to use your Huawei smartphone with Pivo, please make sure that all Google Services are available on your smartphone. We recommend checking the official Huawei Support Center to further clarify any roadblocks.