Visualise your training. Now.

The next generation performance and fitness monitoring equipment for you and your horse. CEEFIT simply clips onto the girth for easy daily use in your training.

Redesign your training through digital measurement and analysis.

Riding is a sport in which your progress is mainly perceived through gut feeling, your instructor, or judges. You train both sides of your horse equally – but do you know that you really are for sure?

From now on you know because the CEEFIT tells you how much time you‘ve ridden on which rein, so that you can use this information to adjust your further training. The CEEFIT fitness tracker, CEEFIT Pulse & ECG Electrode girth, and Seaver app collect and analyze your horse‘s movements and health during your ride. Monitor your horse‘s training status, analyze its training progress and provide optimal support to achieve your goals.



compatible with all equestrian disciplines


Movement, jump, speed, GPS, SmartWatch, fall detection.


Cardio, movement, jumping, speed, GPS, SmartWatch, fall detection.



In addition to the cardiac data provided by CEEFIT Pulse & ECG, you can also benefit from:

FC at rest
Stress zones
Stress analysis
Recovery time

Anticipate and prevent the risk of injury


Trot symmetry
• Precisely follow the symmetry of your horse when trotting in a straight line
• Anticipate a possible lameness and act before it is too late.
For each gait
Left/right analysis in percentage 
Time spent at each gait

Global advances in health monitoring


Measure your horse's ECG* at any time
A real tool for preventing heart diseases (arrhythmia, fibrillation, etc.).
* electrocardiogram
The Fitness Shape Test*
Discover your horse's strength and weakness points
*physical condition

Measure the effort of your horse over jumps and gain in efficiency


For each course
Time・Average cadence・Average speed・Average cardio・Number of jumping courses performed
For each jump
Height・Reach & dish・Angle of attack・Cadence in approach・Push・Take off speed・Shift in jump・Energy absorbed at landing・Hind limbs push symmetry

Turn your trail rides into real training sessions


Outdoor track

Track your trail rides by combining

• Gait allocation
• Cardio effort zones
• Speed

Set goals and achieve them with our riding exercises designed by professional riders.








Data and video integration


This feature allows you to integrate the data collected by your Seaver product into a video of your jumping course. Thanks to this method, you get a better visualization of your performance for you to identify areas for improvement.

Follow your horse's performance in real time


Available on your SmartWatch*, you can now start and stop your training session, follow the data of your choice such as heart rate, stress level or trot symmetry. Receive personalized alerts to better balance and adapt your training sessions in real-time.

*Apple & Samsung

Slide Rider's heart rate Monitor your own heart rate Slide Direction Work symmetrically by monitoring the distribution of your training at each lead. Slide Split timing Split your training with the integrated timer. Slide Gaits Immediately balance the gait allocation during your session. Slide Speed Find out the exact speed of your horse Slide Trot asymmetry Assess the symmetry of your horse's trot and be aware of any discomfort Slide Heart rate of the horse Monitor your horse's heart rate during your session. Slide Stress level Assess your horse's stress level and adapt your session Slide Recovery Understand your horse's recovery capabilities Slide Effort zones Find out how much time has been spent in each zone since the beginning of your session. Slide Last jump Evaluate the quality of your last jump with height, amplitude and shift data Your data in real time

Slide Excessive heart rate Your horse's heart rate exceeds the maximum threshold
Readjust the current session
Slide End of recovery Your horse recovered well from his effort
Stay informed of his physical condition
Slide Unsatisfactory trot symmetry The quality of your horse's gait has decreased
Anticipate a possible lameness
Slide Imbalance left lead/right lead You favor one lead over the other
Rebalance your work
Slide Limit to 20 jumps You have made more than 20 jumps
Adapt your session
Slide Trot asymmetry Your horse has a deterioration of the hind limbs push symmetry
Watch for weak hind limb
Slide Stress level Your horse's stress level is too high
Reassure him
Slide Speed over 400m/min Your speed is over 400 m/min
Control your speed over time
Personalised alerts

Do you want to improve you and your horse's performance? CEEFIT is available for rental for those who want to try before you buy. Please use the contact form below and we will be in touch.

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