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Thanks to the CEEFIT + CEEFIT Pulse & ECG package, get the measurement of your horse’s heart rate at work and its calories burned, as well as all the data from locomotion, jump and course analysis, speed, GPS tracking and your training on SmartWatch.



Opt for the CEEFIT + CEEFIT Pulse & ECG set.
Clip the CEEFIT sensor into the breathable belt with CEEFIT Pulse & ECG electrodes, attach it to your belt with the supplied elastic straps, start your workout on your Seaver mobile or SmartWatch app and get all of Seaver’s top features:
  • Your horse’s heart rate in training,
  • Calories burned to adjust his diet if necessary,
  • Locomotion data such as trot symmetry to anticipate a limp and act before it is too late, pace or bounce to progress,
  • Jump data such as height, angle and range, rate at approach, propulsion, jump offset and much more, to analyze your runs down to the last detail,
  • Video analysis to relive your journey with precision,
  • Speed to objectively work your rhythm,
  • The GPS track to follow your outings outdoors,
  • Training exercises to help you progress when you ride alone.
Thanks to the Health+ program, you have access to a set of functionalities related to your health:
  • Cardio at rest* to know the condition of your horse at a specific time,
  • An electrocardiogram* that you can share with your veterinarian to detect possible heart problems,
  • The Fitness Shape Test* carried out in partnership with researcher Véronique Billat, to quantify your horse’s state of fitness,
  • Stress,
  • Recovery time* to know your horse’s physiological efficiency in the face of effort and optimise it if necessary,
  • The V140 and V200* to evaluate your horse’s cardiac performance,
* Please note that these features require a paid subscription. Subscription is done directly from your Seaver application.