Comprehensive protection for your riding safety

To prevent serious injuries, the SAFEFIT airbag is activated very quickly before impact and protects the alignment of the trunk: back, lumbar area, neck, cervical spine, rib cage, pelvis and sacrum. This makes you less vulnerable on horseback and gives you the peace of mind you need to excel.

Don't give up wearing an airbag for comfort or convenience.

With SAFEFIT, you wear an airbag vest without feeling like you are wearing one. SAFEFIT is lightweight (less than 600 grams) and does not restrict your movements. Made of stretchy materials, it follows all your efforts without friction. Its micro-perforated fabric allows for ventilation, so you can wear SAFEFIT in summer and winter. It is easy to forget once you are in the saddle and does not create any extra thickness.

Wear it for all of your riding circumstances.

Your SAFEFIT airbag works with all of your outfits. Put it over a down jacket in winter or a t-shirt in summer. Wear it over your jacket or under a compatible Cavalliera Competition jacket during competitions. The choice is yours!

Assert your style.

Choose from a range of colour trims to match your style

"As with sports such as skiing or motorcycling, a fall while riding can happen quickly. So by wearing this airbag vest, I feel safer and mentally more competitive. I think it's a real plus for riders of all levels. I particularly like this one because it's so light, it's close to the body so it's discreet, which is what I was looking for."
Edward Levy
French 5* show jumping rider

How SAFEFIT Protects You

The NF Standard (S72-800:2021)

SAFEFIT complies with the regulations relating to personal protective equipment (PPE) subject to the Sports Code. It has the NF standard (S72-800:2021) and the CE mark issued by the certified laboratory Aliénor Certification in accordance with the European directive 89/686/EEC of 21/12/1986. Thus, it protects against mechanical shocks, hyper flexion and hyperextension of the trunk and spine and allows the best possible compromise between protection, comfort and ergonomic requirements.

The Protected Areas

Impact testing is carried out on all protection zones. The extent of protection in the different zones is shown on the adjacent image.

The Restraint System

The fasteners cannot be opened by the triggering action. The airbag includes a device so that, following inflation, it cannot move more than one tenth of the length of the chest.


The protection is designed to reduce discomfort. It should not unduly restrict arm movement. It is light and not too restrictive.

Trigger Energy

The energy required to trigger the airbag is evaluated. The maximum system activation time must be less than 257 ms.

The mechanical strength of the connecting strap

The connecting strap shall withstand an energy of 10J and show no signs of deterioration. The test shall be performed using a drop weight of 1 +/- 0.02 kg.

Shock absorption

The airbag is pressure tested. The test is carried out using an accelerometer, a drop test device, a bar striker and an anvil.