The most accurate technology
ever implemented in an equine sensor.

Reliable data with unmatched precision.

The Move analyzes with extreme precision the displacement of your horse in a 3D environment. It detects your lateral balance – are you balanced? Straightness – Is your horse in axis? It also detects cadence, speed and the intensity of the session.


An ingenious system that binds in harmony with the horse.

The Move attaches and detaches easily from the girth. Either with our robust leather attachment included in the pack, or with a specific girth made by Amerigo Saddle (sold separately).

Quick start – only one button.

Start your session quickly without the need of your smartphone by simply pressing the unique button on the Move sensor.

Perfectly optimized for the main equine disciplines.



In competition or in training, analyze your ride in every details.



Analyze unique parameters, such as: amplitude, straightness, GPS path of your runs.



Follow your horse’s locomotion evolution.



Optimized the effort of your horse with data like: speed, GPS path, distance and intensity.



Follow your path at the three gaits and keep an eye on your horse locomotion.

Precise and useful data.

Specially created and developed by a team of Swiss riders and engineers, the Move gives you the most precise data on the market. Thanks to a top-notch technology, used too in aeronautics industry, the Move provides a unique in-depth analysis of the horse’s movement, like the real 3D trajectory.

Browse your sessions on the device you want.

By using our centralized platform, visualize your data on any media, smartphones, tablets or computers.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

What is Alogo Move Pro used for?

Alogo Move Pro has a multitude of benefits: it allows you to follow your horse's progress and improve your performance; to have a better understanding of your horse and to adapt your training to its needs by finding the optimal parameters; to validate your sensations thanks to objective and precise data; to monitor your horse's locomotion and anticipate injuries.

How to use Alogo Move Pro?

Simply turn on your Move Pro by pressing the ON/OFF button for 3s, slide it into the sensor holder previously attached to your girth, start recording from the ON/OFF button or via the Alogo app and ride your horse as usual. At the end of your training session, open the Alogo app to view your results directly on your phone.

Is the Live service included within the Move Pro sensor? To whom are each of these tools destined?

No, today the Live is a service for show organizers, while the Move Pro is a product for any rider who wants to measure their progress and to monitor their horse's health.

Is Alogo Move Pro resistant?

Yes. We have designed Alogo Move Pro to be resistant to the extreme conditions of equestrian sports. The Move Pro is water, shocks, dust restistant as well as high temperatures. In addition, the case of our sensor holder and the girth with integrated case from Amerigo adds extra protection.

Are there any risks for my horse?

Alogo Move Pro has been designed to respect the horse's natural movement and not to cause any discomfort.

When will Alogo Move Pro be available?

Alogo Move Pro is currently available for sale through our website or through our worldwide distributors.

Practical questions

Do I need to buy a new girth?

No, you don't necessarily need to buy a new girth. You can simply attach the Move Pro to your own girth using the sensor holder that is included in your Alogo Move Pro kit. However, for better integration, we recommend that you use the Amerigo girth which was designed specifically for our product.

How do I attach the sensor holder?

Position the sensor holder in the middle of your girth. (It is very important that the sensor is in the center of the girth for your balance data to be usable. Then surround your girth with the scratches on each side.

Attention: The sensor holder must be firmly attached to the girth and must not move! Otherwise the collected data cannot be processed.


Have you identified any girth that are not compatible with the sensor holder?

The vast majority of girth sold on the market are compatible with our sensor holder. However, it is important to use the right version of the sensor holder with the type of your girth, i.e. the "jumping" version for a stud girth and the "dressage" version for a dressage girth. Our tests revealed that the following girths could prevent reliable data collection:

  • Stübben Equi-Soft
  • Cord girth

We recommend that you do not use these girths with our sensor.

Which way to put the sensor?

For the sessions to be recorded correctly, you must pay attention to the orientation of the sensor in the sensor holder case. The LED, the ON/OFF button and the USB plug must be on the left side of the horse. The marking "GROUND" towards the ground, "HORSE" towards the horse and the arrows must point to the back of the horse.


N.B.: Please be careful to pause or stop the recording in progress if you need to loosen the girth or if you wish to remove the sensor from the sensor holder in order not to distort the motion data recorded during the session.

Is the sensor holder compatible with any type of girths?

The sensor holder of Alogo Move Pro has been designed to fit a wide range of girths. We offer two different versions:

  • For stud girths - "Jumping" version
  • For dressage girths - "Dressage" version

It may be that our sensor holder is not ideally suited for certain very particular girths. In case of doubt, we advise you to contact us before ordering.

For which disciplines can I use Alogo Move Pro?

Alogo Move Pro can be used for jumping, dressage, outriding, flat work, gymnastics and cross-country. We plan to implement new features regularly and to allow the analysis of other disciplines at a later stage.

Am I allowed to use Alogo Move Pro at national and international competitions?

Yes, most equestrian federations authorize the wearing of motion sensors in competitions.

Technical questions

Is the application downloadable on all smartphones?

The majority of Apple devices running iOS 14 are compatible with our sensor. However we recommend that you always use the latest version of iOS. An Android version will be available later. If you have any doubt, contact us and we will inform you.

Do I have to have my smartphone with me to record a session?

Not at all! Alogo Move Pro has been designed so that you can still start and finish recording your session without a smartphone. However, you will need it to synchronize your data and display your results.

If I change my smartphone, is the data recorded on my Alogo account during my last sessions recoverable?

Yes, all your sessions are saved into the cloud. All you need to do is to log back into your account from your new device to retrieve them.

Do I need Wifi or an internet connection to use Alogo Move Pro?

Alogo Move Pro can record your session without the need of a Wifi coverage or an internet connection. Once your session is over, the Alogo application needs an internet connection (cellular or wifi) in order to synchronize and display the data on your smartphone.

How often should I recharge the battery?

Alogo Move Pro has been designed to last up to 14 hours of continuous use. For a rider with a horse that rides an average of 1 hour a day, Alogo Move Pro can last 2 weeks without recharging. These values serve only as an indication. Please note that extreme temperature conditions may affect the battery life.

If I run out of battery during a session, is the beginning still recorded?

Yes, you will only need to plug in your sensor to recover the battery so that you can transfer the recorded data to your App.

I started the session from the App and my phone has run out of battery, did the sensor still recorded the rest of the session?

Yes, to end the recording, press the ON/OFF button once on your Move Pro.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

It takes 3h20 for the battery to fully charge. We recommend that you perform a full charge before the first use to calibrate the battery. To do this, charge the Move Pro overnight until the LED is off.

How long can I record before my sensor memory is full?

You can record up to 10 hours with no limit on the number of sessions you can record. However, the longer the recording takes, the longer it will take to synchronize on the App.

Can I use Alogo Move Pro on multiple horses?

You can use Alogo Move Pro on an illimited number of horses.

Is it possible to connect several sensors to the same phone?

Yes, you will be able to connect several sensors to a single account. You will then have to synchronize them one after the other.

Do I have the possibility to block the tool myself in case of theft / loss?

It is not possible for you to locate your sensor directly from your application. In case of a claim, please contact us.

Reminder LED guide - Alogo Move Pro

What does each LED color on my sensor correspond to?

Red LED:

  • A few seconds at switch-on and switch-off, the sensor is switched on or off.
  • If the red LED stays on, it means that the sensor memory is full.

Pink LED:

  • Which blinking quickly: the sensor is looking for a GPS satellite connection.
  • Simple: GPS is connected.

Green LED:

  • Blinking: Recording a current session.

Blue LED:

  • Fast Blinking: Bluetooth connection to the sensor is available.
  • Blinking: Sensor connected in Bluetooth.

Yellow LED:

  • Blinking: the Move sensor is synchronizing your sessions with the smartphone.

White LED :

  • Blinking: DFU mode, the update is ready to be installed.

Blue and red LED :

  • Blinking alternately: Bluetooth connection has been lost. It continues for 30 seconds.

Frequent Users Questions

I don't have the GPS path mapping or the speed indication after my session... why?

If you don't have the GPS path mapping view from your session, there are several possible reasons:

  • You have ridden indoor (indoor riding arena, indoor competition, etc...). In this case, GPS technology cannot work. This is a current limitation of GPS technology.
  • The area in which you ride is not covered by a GPS signal or it is very weak.*

*: We want to provide you with high accurate data that you can use during your training sessions. A wrong track or a wrong speed would lead to wrong conclusions. That is why, in rare cases we cannot show you this type of data.

Note: If you are using the sensor in a new location or for the first time for more than 36 hours, it may take a little longer for the sensor to find the GPS signal of the place you are in. We recommend you to check and/or establish this connection before placing the sensor on the horse. Simply turn on the sensor and hold it in your hand outside, the logo "GROUND" facing to the sky and wait for the LED to stop blinking. After about 1 minute 30, the GPS will be connected.

My sensor does not turn on anymore...

Connect your sensor to a power source to ensure that the battery level is sufficient. If the problem persists, contact us. Do not attempt to disassemble the sensor yourself.

My smartphone does not detect my sensor...

Make sure your smartphone is close to the sensor. If the sensor is correctly on but your phone still doesn't find it, press the sensor button twice quickly to restart the device search.

My sensor doesn't react anymore or I can't turn it off...

It is possible that the sensor doesn't react anymore. To remedy this, please restart the sensor by inserting a metal pin into the hole provided for this purpose (next to the USB plug). You can also "Reset" your sensor by pressing and holding the button for 10 seconds when it's ON. Be careful, after this manipulation the memory will be erased!


My sessions are not recorded...

Different cases can be the cause of this:

  • If the LED is red, you probably have no more memory available. To free up space, download your sessions on the App.
  • Did you started your session by clicking once on the ON/OFF button or via the Alogo app?

My sessions are not downloading on my Alogo App...

When your sessions are downloading, please make sure that you do not lock your phone or it will interrupt the upload (limit from iOS). You can still use your smartphone while waiting for the synchronization to finish, but you must return to the Alogo app to complete it. If you put your phone on a table, remember to leave the Alogo App open or reopen it (if our App is active, you will be able to leave your phone down without fear that it will lock automatically).

My session has a status of "failed" or "in validation" ...

A session can have a status of "failed" or "in validation" in the following cases:

  • The sensor holder is loose or moves during the session
  • You have put your sensor upside down
  • You have not used your sensor on a horse
  • You have launched the recording and manipulated your sensor before fixing it on your horse.
  • You forgot to turn off the registration when you tacked-off your horse.

Please write to us at

My Alogo app is not working...

Check if you have enabled on your phone the use of mobile data, bluetooth and GPS when the App is active. To do this, you can do the following:

  • Go to your phone's settings
  • Scroll down and click on the Alogo App in the settings
  • Allow different accesses.

Will I have to take an additional subscription?

All the main features detailed in the following table such as GPS path mapping and jump and stride trajectories will remain completely free and at your disposal. A subscription will be required for those who wish to have access to additional specific features. (More information on future subscription packages to come).

You will find more technical details and information on the use of the Move in its user guide. If you have any questions that are not answered in it, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Comparison with competitors sensors

Move Competitors
Precision (1 to 4 cm) Yes No
HD GPS path mapping Yes No
Real trajectories in 3D of strides and jumps Yes No
Strides lengths Yes No
Work intensity Yes Yes
Recording without smartphone Yes No
Ease of use Yes No
Detailed analysis of horse movement Yes No

Alogo Move Pro sensor

Main Data

Features Sensor
Duration of session Move
Total distance travelled Move
Time spent at each gait Move
Type of work split by discipline Move
Work intensity analysis Move
Average cadence at each gait Move
Total number of jumps Move
Stride number between jumps Move
Average stride length at each gait Move
Average stride length before and after the jumps Move
Average stride height at each gait Move
Illustration of the average trajectory of strides at each gait Move
Average speed Move
Average lateral balance (roll) of a session Move
Average angle (pitch) of jumps and strides at each gait Move
Average propulsion power of strides and jumps Move
The highest jump with its real full trajectory Move

Detailed Data

Features Sensor
GPS path mapping with stride and speed display Move Pro
Complete trajectory for each stride and jump Move Pro
Length and height of each stride Move Pro
Length and height of each jump Move Pro
Angle of each stride and jump Move Pro
Instant speed at the obstacle Move Pro
Average speed between obstacles Move Pro
Instant speed for each stride Move Pro
Straightness (yaw) for each stride and jump Move Pro
Detailed lateral balance (roll) for the entire session Move Pro
Propulsion power for each stride and jump Move Pro
Length and power of the stride before and after the jump Move Pro
Stride parameters between jumps Move Pro
Regularity of stride length between two jumps Move Pro

And more!

We will be adding more features and value-added services on a regular basis.