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We have 4 years of experience helping ArcEquine clients to get the best results for their horse, whether recovering from injuries, managing pain in chronic conditions, anxiety management, general maintenance and more. ArcEquine Microcurrent Therapy is an amazing therapy tool for horses, but it is important that each horse receive a program sequence tailored for each horse. No amount of googling can provide this information. We provide this service to all of our ArcEquine clients at no additional cost.






Cutting edge healthcare? It’s absolutely current.

ArcEquine is a remarkably small device that is wearable, drug free and non-invasive. It works by automatically generating a complex series of microcurrents with a simple, one finger operation. In fact, it delivers over 4.6 million permutations within a single programme to support the body’s own natural repair process. And just like naturally occurring microcurrents, they can’t be felt, so cause absolutely no discomfort to the horse whatsoever.

At the cellular level, microcurrent therapy stimulates up to a 500% increase in ATP, the energy that fuels all biochemical functions in the body, so more energy for healing. This, in turn, bumps up protein synthesis, which is necessary for tissue repair. The enhanced blood flow and decreased inflammation reduces pain and muscle spasm and increases range of motion. The increased and restored electrical frequencies also stimulate increased rates of healing and a better quality repair, with minimal to no scar tissue.

Small wonder we’re now the U.K.’s most popular wearable microcurrent device, or that over 70 Olympians worldwide now rely on ArcEquine to help with the well being of their horses. While we’d like to say our devices are the most effective in the world, in truth, the body’s own repair system is the most complex, amazing and effective microcurrent device ever created. Read the Reviews.

4.6 million reasons it’s so easy to use

That’s how many pulses we introduce into the body in a single programme, and before you ask, not a single one can be felt. Despite the complexity of our technology, it’s just 1 finger, 2 buttons, 4 automated programmes and thousands of happy customers. ArcEquine requires no specialist training, which means you can have your finger on the pulse of cutting-edge healthcare immediately.

What is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent introduces very low-level electrical currents into your body through 2 electrode pads applied to the skin. What is a microcurrent we hear you ask? At its simplest, a microcurrent is an electrical current measured in millionths of an amp or µA. It’s perfectly safe and can’t be felt, in the same way you can’t feel your body’s own natural bio-currents because they are similar in strength. How is this possible? The aim of Microcurrent is to support and aid the body's own natural healing process. Microcurrents occur naturally within the body and they are vital for the production of ATP which moves essential substances in and out of the cells, while simultaneously boosting the body's absorption of amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), which are an essential component of tissue repair.

What is ATP?

ATP is Adenosine Triphosphate. This is the molecule used by all living cells to provide a constant supply of energy which enables them to carry out all necessary cellular functions.  ATP is formed from an Adenosine molecule with three phosphate molecules bonded to it, hence the ‘tri’ in the name.The energy stored in ATP is released when the bond holding the third phosphate molecule to the rest of the ATP molecule is broken. The product of this process is Adenosine DiPhosphate (ADP) and a separate phosphate molecule (Pi). During cellular respiration, the bond between this phosphate and the ADP is re-made, thus reforming a molecule of ATP.  In this way, ATP in our cells is constantly being broken down and re-formed in order to provide them with an unending energy source.

One of the greatest values of Microcurrent Therapy is in pain control by boosting ATP replenishment in the injured area, which in turn reduces inflammation, edema and swelling and increases muscle relaxation. Boosting ATP in cells accelerates the repair and healing of wounds, soft tissue injuries, tendon and ligament injuries and bone fractures.

ArcEquine has been shown time and time again to significantly help with:

  • Kissing Spine and other Spinal Injuries
  • Tendon and Ligament Injuries
  • Reducing Swelling, Bruising and Inflammation
  • Managing pain and inflammation caused by chronic conditions such as Arthritis
  • Reducing and Eliminating Pain and Stiffness and Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
  • Soft Tissue Injuries and Scar Tissue Reduction
  • Breaks and Fractures
  • Laminitis and other Hoof Issues
  • Sacroilliac Disease
  • Stifle injuries
  • Ataxia
  • Promote General Well-being
  • Behavioural Issues
  • Bites and Stings

ArcEquine is also very valuable for the day to day management of your horses well-being. Use it to significantly increase the levels of energy in warm bloods and older horses, or reduce anxiety and nervousness in thoroughbreds. ArcEquine promotes general well-being. Safe and effetctive for your equine athletes.

Andrew Hoy OAM, Four-time Olympic Medallist

“All my horses are top athletes and the Arc technology helps them to recover quicker from competition runs, training sessions, long distance travel as well as improves their overall wellbeing. My team and I wouldn’t want to be without it!”

Henk Offereins, DVM, MVSc, MRCVS, Veterinary Director

"We started using ArcEquine 2 years ago as part of our tendon management protocols. Since then I have seen many cases with better than expected quality and speed of healing. Maybe even more important, in combination with active rehabilitation, there is significantly less scar development as well. I see ArcEquine as a very welcome technology in the management of our equine athletes."

How it Works.

Turn it on, pick a programme, press play – done. For us, what an ArcEquine does isn’t the most impressive part. It was the years of inventive development and research, producing the 120 prototypes to test and refine it and the massive investment needed to make something so complicated so simple. ArcEquine is a wearable, non-invasive, drug free device. On one hand it’s the same size as the smaller disposable devices, yet can be charged and is far more sophisticated. It’s the very best of both worlds, without compromise. Packing all of that into something barely larger than a credit card was quite a task. Not that you’ll ever notice. Which is precisely the point.

Microcurrent vs TENS

There is no such thing as Microcurrent versus TENS as they are so different except for the fact that they both use electricity, but then again, so does a toaster. Microcurrent speaks an entirely different language to the body because it uses a current 1,000 times lower, which is why you can’t feel our devices. To classify as a microcurrent, the current must be being measured within the millionths of an amp range. Whilst TENS devices are effective, they produce currents that are considerably stronger, so they can’t do the same things as the body’s own naturally occurring microcurrents.


Q: What information should I read before using an ArcEquine on my horse?

A: All users should carefully read the user manual contained with any complete kit before using the device. If one is not included you should contact us immediately.

Q: What can an ArcEquine be used for?

A: The application of Microcurrent aims to support the body’s natural repair process and to help it trigger the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ARC Microtech products should never replace any medical advice and should not be used if cancer is present or you think it may be present just for safety.

Q: What evidence is there that Microcurrent technology works?

A: There are many peer-reviewed research publications supporting the efficacy and safety of Microcurrent. There are also many case studies showcasing significant benefits that users have experienced from using Microcurrent to treat a broad spectrum of conditions.

Q: How quickly will I see results?

A: Due to the vast number of variables and individual differences, every horse will respond differently to Microcurrent. This is why we cannot provide any guarantees or suggest timescales. Users typically experience a notable improvement within the first 6 weeks, with many experiencing improvements within a shorter period of time.

Q: How do I know that the ArcEquine is working?

A: The applied microcurrent supports the processes that are occurring naturally within the cells of the body and are below the levels of sensory perception. Therefore, there should not be any noticeable feeling or sensation when using the device. The green flashing light on the delivery unit will reassure you that the device is working correctly and that a good connection has been established.

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: Microcurrent may cause a slight dehydrating effect. Please ensure that horses have access to fresh drinking water at all times.

Q: If inflammation is a natural reaction, why does the device aim to reduce inflammation?

A: The device does not prevent inflammation or interfere in any way with the natural healing process. Instead, the microcurrent aims to promote the body’s natural cellular processes in order to facilitate the healing process.

Q: Can an ArcEquine be used instead of veterinary treatment?

A: The ArcEquine should be used in addition to, and never as a replacement for existing veterinary policies and practices. Always consult your vet about illnesses.

Q: Is an ArcEquine and Microcurrent safe?

A: In general, the safety of Microcurrent has been well reported and is considered to be a safe and non-invasive treatment option.

Q: Skin Sensitivity?

A: Whilst it is very uncommon, some horses may develop a rub-type condition or a sensitivity reaction as a result of prolonged use. On rare occasions they may also experience minor hair loss or hair discolouration. To reduce the likelihood of this happening we make the following recommendations:

  • Do not over tighten the strap. The carbon rubber pads, plus gel, are sensitive so very little pressure is required to maintain a good contact.
  • Remove the carbon rubber pads and clean the surface of the pad to remove any residue from the previous application, washing only the contact surface and drying thoroughly.
  • Do not use for more than 3 hours in any single session.
  • Remove the Leg Strap after every 3 hours of use.
  • Do not use overnight.
  • Never strap the device over an open wound or skin irritation.
  • The ArcEquine is safe to use on injury’s that have not broken the skin, providing the horse is accepting of this.
  • Always rotate the device between legs for each 3 hour treatment.

Q: Conductive Gel Sensitivity?

A: The gel we supply has been formulated to be water soluble, hypoallergenic and free from propylene glycol. Some horses can be hypersensitive to gels (or one of their constituent parts) and we cannot guarantee that a horse will not have a sensitivity reaction to the gel. If your horse experiences a reaction to the gel, we recommend washing the gel from the affected area and discontinuing use.

Q: Do I need to consult my vet before using it?

A: Microcurrent is a safe, non-invasive and drug-free treatment. However, we always recommend that you consult your vet before using an ArcEquine if your horse has any medical concerns, has any serious health conditions, or is receiving care from any healthcare professionals. We also recommend that you carefully read the supplied user manual which provides information relating to warnings, precautions, and contraindications.

Q: Is an ArcEquine similar to a TENS machine?

A: The ArcEquine functions very differently to a TENS Machine. A TENS machine aims to reduce the symptoms of pain by using a stronger electrical current as a stimulator to provide temporary pain relief. Microcurrent technology uses a much smaller microcurrent that aims to help the body address the underlying cause of the pain.

Q: Are there any contraindications for the ArcEquine and Microcurrent?

A: Contraindications include:

  • Implanted defibrillators or any other implanted electrical device.
  • Suspected or diagnosed epilepsy.
  • Suspected or diagnosed cancer of any type.
  • Suspected or diagnosed heart disease or heart conditions of any type.
  • The horse is pregnant

Q: Can I use an ArcEquine if my horse is pregnant?

A: There is currently no clinical evidence to support the safety of using Microcurrent during pregnancy. Therefore, we do not recommend it.

Q: Can I use an ArcEquine if my horse has Epilepsy?

A: There is currently no clinical evidence to support the safety of using Microcurrent with epilepsy.  Therefore, we do not recommend it.

Q: Can an ArcEquine be used on horses with heart conditions or heart disease?

A: There is currently no clinical evidence to support the safety of using Microcurrent with heart disease or heart conditions. Therefore, we do not recommend it.

Q: Can an ArcEquine be used by horses with implanted electrical devices?

A: There is currently no clinical evidence to support the safety of using Microcurrent with implanted defibrillators or any other implanted electrical device. As it is currently unknown whether either device could cause any electrical interference, we do not recommend it.

Q: Is an ArcEquine suitable for horses with cancer?

A: The use and safety of Microcurrent with cancer has not yet been clinically established. Whilst the Microcurrent  may provide benefits relating to pain management and the functionality of healthy cells, the possible effects of the Microcurrent on the cancer cells are currently unknown. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of Microcurrent for those with suspected or diagnosed cancer of any type.

Q: What happens if I notice an increase in symptoms?

A: An increase in symptoms within the first few days or weeks is uncommon, but these occasions tend to be short lived and are normally a precursor to improvement. In the unlikely event of any adverse reaction we always recommend that you discontinue use and contact

Q: Does Microcurrent provide a cure?

A: Microcurrent does not provide a cure. Many conditions such as arthritis are degenerative and incurable, but Microcurrent can be used as a safe and effective tool to help the body reduce the associated symptoms through pain management.


Q: Does the ArcEquine have to be attached to the injured part of the body?

A: Whilst there is a localised benefit to wearing the device on the affected limb, microcurrent technology works systemically so there is no requirement for specific placement of the device. We do not recommend the device to be touching, or worn over, the affected area as it is not necessary.

Q: Where on the horse’s leg should the leg strap be placed?

A: The strap should ideally be placed on the outside of lower leg and around the cannon bone as it is the most practical placement to establish a good connection. We also recommend that the strap is alternated between healthy legs each day and is not worn over the affected area, or close to any area of inflammation.

Q: Does the delivery unit need to be removed at the end of each session?

A: The ArcEquine should be removed at the end of each 3-hour session or as soon as possible thereafter. Anything attached to the legs for long periods of time could irritate the skin and would increase the likelihood of unsupervised damage to the device.

Q: Can I use it overnight?

A: Do not leave an ArcEquine on the horse overnight as the horse is more likely to damage the device within the stable (please note that accidental damage is not covered under the warranty). Some horses, after prolonged use, may also develop a rub-type condition and even some loss or discolouration of hair, especially if the strap is too tight.

Q: Can the ArcEquine be worn when the horse is turned out in the field?

A: Provided that it is kept clean and dry, and the delivery unit is kept fully protected under a boot or bandage, it can be worn in the field. Some users have found it helpful to use Vet Wrap to protect their device. Please note that accidental damage or water damage is not covered under warranty, and the use of the ArcEquine in the field would be at the responsibility of the device owner.

Q: How often should I use the device?

A: Each programme lasts for 3 hours and the unit will automatically turn itself off at the end of each treatment. We recommend that you follow the initial 6-week protocol, completing only one 3-hour programme daily.

Q: What happens if I miss a day?

A: If days are missed, we suggest that you remain on the same programme and continue for the remaining number of days/weeks recommended for that programme. To ensure that you achieve the optimum results from your device, we suggest that you follow the recommended 6-week programme protocol and carry out all the daily treatments in succession.

Q: Can the ArcEquine be used more than once a day?

A: You should only use an ArcEquine for one 3-hour treatment daily and only then under the following conditions:

  • Do not over tighten the elasticated straps. The carbon rubber pads are sensitive and only require a light pressure to maintain a good connectivity.
  • When the carbon rubber pads are used, ensure that the contact surface is clean and dry after every use.
  • When using the conductive gel, ensure the area of the skin where the gel has been applied is gently washed and dried after every use.
  • Do not use for more than 3 hours in any single session and remove after use.
  • Do not leave on overnight.
  • Never strap the device over an open wound or skin irritation.
  • The ArcEquine is safe to use on injury’s that have not broken the skin, providing the horse is accepting of this.
  • Always rotate the device between legs for each 3 hour treatment.

Q: Do I have to use the conductive gel?

A: It is important to apply the ArcEquine Gel to the carbon rubber pads with every use. The gel becomes the conduit between the electrode (carbon rubber pad) and the skin that is required to establish good connectivity through the hair. The conductive gel complies with all equine and veterinary regulations and is hypoallergenic. Do not use any other gel in conjunction with the ArcEquine. Even some medical grade conductive gels can contain propylene glycol, which can react with the skin.

Q: Is it OK to use the ArcEquine when my horse has wet hair?

A: Do not use an ArcEquine with wet hair as any current will take the path of least resistance. In this instance, the line of least resistance will be up the outside of the leg, and there will be no connectivity or microcurrent penetration into the skin. We recommend that the hair is dry, and free from excess dirt or grease.

Q: Can Microcurrent be used in conjunction with other therapies?

A: The ArcEquine can be safely used in conjunction with many other therapies, however we would not advise using magnetic therapies during the same 3-hour period as it could interfere with the delicate electronics within the ArcEquine unit. Always consult a vet.

Q: Can a magnetic rug be used at the same time as the ArcEquine?

A: Microcurrent can be used in conjunction with many other treatments but we do not recommend using the ArcEquine and a magnetic rug at the same time, as the magnetic components may interfere with the electronics inside the ArcEquine device.

Q: Can I use the ArcEquine on myself?

A: We cannot recommend that the ArcEquine is used on humans as it is not certified for human use. The Arc4Health and Arc4Sports have gained the necessary regulatory approval for safe human use and are certified as Class IIa medical devices.

Q: What programmes should I use?

A: The ArcEquine has 4 programmes which aim to help the body support the cellular processes involved in the natural stages of pain reduction and tissue repair. The programmes deliver a specific sequence of frequencies which correspond with the stages of pain reduction and tissue repair in the order that they would naturally occur.

Programme 1 – For One Week (Pain Management 75% – Tissue Repair 25%)

Following an injury, Programme 1 aims to support the initial stages of healing by helping the body to reduce pain and inflammation. This is also an important stage for addressing the pain symptoms of both newly presented and long-term conditions.

Programme 2 – For Two Weeks (Pain Management 50% – Tissue Repair 50%)

Programme 2 supports both pain management and tissue repair equally.

Programme 3 – For Three Weeks (Pain Management 25% – Tissue Repair 75%)

Programme 3 primarily supports tissue repair in line with the natural healing process.

Programme 4 – Maintenance Programme (Pain Management 0% – Tissue Repair 100%)

Programme 4 can be used as a maintenance option. It is a tissue repair programme which aims to maintain optimal health of the body and tissues. We recommend using an ArcEquine at least 2 days per month in order to help maintain any acquired benefits.

Q: I am finding it difficult to establish a connection, what can I do?

A: Please allow a few seconds for a connection to be made, as it is not always instant. There are many factors that can contribute towards an intermittent connection.

  • Please check that there is enough gel on the pads – if the conductive gel cannot penetrate through the hair to the skin, it won’t be able to establish a connection.
  • If your horse has particularly thick hair, you may need to clip their leg before using an ArcEquine.
  • Make sure your unit is charged.
  • Try different positions on the leg, but please ensure that you do not over tighten the leg strap.
  • Make sure that the lead from the leg strap is fully inserted into the bottom of the delivery unit.

Q: How long does the ArcEquine take to charge?

A: The ArcEquine should be charged fully before first use. It will take around 4 hours for your delivery unit to fully charge, and the lights will change from flashing red to flashing green to indicate that the charging is complete. When the delivery unit is fully charged it should be able to deliver up to ten 3-hour treatment sessions before it needs to be recharged.

Q: Can I wash the leg strap?

A: The leg strap contains electrical components and must not be submerged in water. To keep the strap clean and hygienic we advise gently wiping both sides with a clean, damp cloth.

Q: My horse’s leg strap gets dirty, what can I do?

A: You can purchase a pack of Leg Strap liners. They are antibacterial, fully machine washable and tend to last up to 3 months. They come in a pack of 3 which is ideal as you can have one on the horse, one in the wash and one ready to go. Do not wash or submerge the leg strap in water as it contains an electrical component.

Q: How do I maintain the carbon rubber pads?

A: Between each use of the ArcEquine, please make sure that you keep the carbon rubber pads clean and dry. The pads can be cleaned on the contact surface only by using a soft cloth and soapy water, before wiping clean with water. Make sure the carbon rubber pads are completely dry before re-attaching to the leg strap.

Q: If I purchase a device from my friend does the warranty still apply?

A: The warranty is transferable only if you are able to provide us with the original purchase information from the seller you have bought the device from e.g. proof of purchase, invoice or receipt. Without being able to trace the original purchase details we would be unable to establish whether the warranty still applies. The 2-year warranty period will run from the date of the initial purchase made by the original purchaser.

Q: How long will it take for my ArcEquine or consumables to arrive?

A: Orders placed before 2pm Mon-Thurs will normally be dispatched via economy courier services and take 2-3 days to arrive.

Q: Do you loan your devices out for individual trials and case studies?

A: Unfortunately, for a number of reasons we are unable to provide devices for loans and trials on an individual basis. However, ArcEquine devices can be rented through our rental programme.

Right activation button showing red = loss of connectivity.
Please check that: 

  • The electrical lead from the leg strap is still attached to the bottom of the delivery unit.
  • The carbon rubber pads have not come loose or fallen off.
  • The carbon rubber pads have a sufficient of conductive gel applied to them.

Left On/Off button showing red = a lack of charge. Your Arc device needs charging.

Arc Device keeps switching off = the right activation button was not pressed.

I have a red LED at the top – am I out of charge? = If you have a red LED showing prior to attaching the leg strap to your horses body it is purely indicating which programme is selected.

The leg strap is too big for my horse = you may need to attach the leg strap to a different part of the body. Please contact us for further advice.

Audible beep has gone = The Arc Device’s default setting is to have audible sounds. Please refer to your User Manual for information about turning the audible beep on and off.

Alternatively, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Attaching the Unit

Leg Strap Liner

Align the two holes with the two press studs on the leg strap.

Carbon Rubber Pads

Fix to the leg strap using the press studs, this will also secure the leg strap liner. Carbon rubber pads should be wiped clean with warm water after each use.

Conductive Gel

Apply a small amount to the carbon rubber pads, the Conductive Gel ensures good electrical connectivity with the skin. The conductive gel complies with all equine and veterinary regulations, is propylene glycol free and water-soluble.


Do not use any other gel in conjunction with the ArcEquine. Even some perceived to be safe, medical grade conductive gels can contain propylene glycol, which is a component ingredient of anti-freeze and may react with the skin.

Leg Strap

Once the liner and pads have been attached to the leg strap, insert the Delivery Unit into the strap’s pouch and ensure that the electrical lead is inserted fully into the bottom of the delivery unit. Attach the leg strap with the delivery unit to the outside of the cannon bone, making sure to rotate the strap between healthy legs each day. There is no need to over-tighten the strap, the carbon rubber pads are very sensitive and no significant pressure is required to maintain connectivity. To protect the unit whilst on your horses leg, we advise wrapping with a soft stable bandage.

  • Never strap the device over an open wound or skin irritation.
  • The ArcEquine is safe to use on injuries that have not broken the skin, providing the horse is accepting of this.
  • Always rotate the device between legs for each 3 hour treatment.

The Programmes

We always recommend that you first run through the following 6-week cycle in order to help the body maximise ATP production. Once the initial 6-week cycle finishes you should use programme 4 (maintenance) for a minimum of two days a month, or you can select the individual programme that best suits your horse’s condition (please see below for a description of what each programme is addressing). If there is an injury, use ArcEquine every day on the most appropriate programme.

Every few months, we recommend running through the 6-week cycle again in order to maintain optimum results.

Each programme lasts for 3 hours. You can’t overuse an ArcEquine, but you must rotate the device between healthy legs after each treatment to avoid it always being attached to the same place.

Selecting a Programme

  1. On/Off button – hold for 3 seconds to turn on or to turn off.
  2. All four indicator lights will very quickly flash green, then red to indicate that your ArcEquine device is functioning correctly.
  3. Indicator lights will then flash green corresponding with current battery charge; 1 light = 25%, 2 = 50%, 3 = 75%, 4 = 100%
  4. After 3 seconds all of the lights will go out. Immediately after this, a red light will indicate which programme was last used; 1st light = P1, 2nd = P2, 3rd = P3, 4th = P4.
  5. Press the left (On/Off) button quickly to skip through and select the desired programme, from P1 to P4.
  6. Press the right play button to activate the selected programme. The unit will beep on activation of the selected programme.
  7. Once activated, the right play button will turn either green (connected) or red (not connected).
  8. The delivery unit will beep again after 3 hours to indicate that the selected programme has finished.


When you receive your new Delivery Unit, please ensure it is fully charged before use. One 4-5 hour charge can give up to 30 hours of use, enough for roughly 10 delivery cycles.

Insert the charger lead into the base of your ArcEquine delivery unit and plug into a plug socket. The device will beep twice indicating that it is charging.

The level of battery charge is indicated by the corresponding number of flashing green lights: 1 light = 25%, 2 = 50%, 3 = 75%, 4 = 100% battery charge. Once all of the lights have gone out the delivery unit is fully charged.

Please ensure that you only use the charger supplied with your complete kit. Using other unapproved chargers may damage your delivery unit and will invalidate the limited warranty. Replacement chargers are available to purchase from the online shop should you misplace or damage the original.

Please do not charge after each use as this can shorten battery life, instead run down the battery down between charges.

The ArcEquine utilises a lithium ion battery and must be charged on a regular basis in order to maintain optimal battery life and condition. Avoid long periods without using or recharging the device.


Right activation button showing red

This indicates a loss of connectivity.

Please check that:

  • The electrical lead from the leg strap is still attached to the bottom of the delivery unit.
  • The carbon rubber pads have not come loose or fallen off.
  • Sufficient conductive gel has been applied to the carbon rubber pads.

Left On/Off button showing red

Lack of charge.

The ArcEquine delivery unit needs charging. Please refer to charging if you are unsure.

ArcEquine keeps switching off

The right activation button was not pressed once a programme was selected. In the unlikely event that the device switches off during use please ensure it is fully charged. If problems persist please get in touch.

Audible beep has gone

ArcEquine’s default setting is to have audible sounds. Please refer to your User Manual for information about turning the audible beep on and off.

If in doubt, please contact our Customer Service team who will be more than happy to advise.

Important Information

  • Never strap the device over an open wound or skin irritation.
  • The ArcEquine is safe to use on injuries that have not broken the skin, providing the horse is accepting of this.
  • Always rotate the device between legs for each 3 hour treatment.
  • Do not apply any other creams or gels to the carbon rubber pads other than the approved conductive gel we provide.
  • The Device is in no way a substitute for your existing veterinary policy and you should always consult a veterinary expert on equine conditions prior to using the Device.
  • Like any electrical device, do not use the Device in wet or damp conditions.
  • Some horses may, after prolonged use, develop a sensitivity reaction. This can manifest in a ‘rub’ type condition and even localised hair loss or discolouration. Rotate the device each treatment by putting it on a different, healthy leg.
  • Device users should stop using the Device and should contact the Manufacturers office if the horse experiences any adverse reactions from the Device.
  • Please use the Device only as directed.

General Warnings

  • Do not immerse any part of the unit in water.
  • Use this Device only with the leads, electrodes and accessories recommended by the manufacturer. Use of other parts or materials not supplied by the manufacturer will invalidate the warranty.
  • Keep the Device away from fireplace or radiant heater as the heat may affect the Device.
  • Use of microcurrent may cause some dehydration. Please ensure your animal always has access to fresh, clean water when using the Device.


  • Implanted defibrillators or any other implanted electrical device.
  • Suspected or diagnosed epilepsy.
  • Suspected or diagnosed cancer of any type.
  • Suspected or diagnosed heart disease or heart conditions of any type.
  • The horse is pregnant

The Science

It’s not only important to be fully informed, Quality Assurance processes demand that we are. Apart from conducting our own clinical research, we regularly peer review the latest published papers and use noted, highly reputable experts within the industry to do so.

The Arc4Health has regulatory approval as a Class IIa medical device for pain management and tissue repair. The views expressed in the following documents reflect an entirely independent stance based on available evidence, rather than from a commercially oriented perspective from ARC Microtech.

The following information has been reviewed by published author Professor Tim Watson. He is currently employed on a fractional basis as Professor of Physiotherapy at the University of Hertfordshire. In addition to his academic research position, Tim works as a consultant in electrotherapy/electrophysical agents, working for various professional bodies, legal and insurance companies, manufacturers and retail groups undertaking work on a contract basis.

The views expressed in these documents are his own and reflect an entirely independent stance based on the available evidence, rather than from a commercially oriented perspective or under any influence by ARC Microtech Limited.

What Microcurrents In The Body Actually Are, What They Do And Why We Need Them

The normal physiological events in all tissues in the body incorporate a component of bioelectric control [1-5]. This is an endogenous electric control and the voltages and resulting currents that flow in the tissues are in the ‘micro’ and ‘sub-micro’ range [1, 6-8]. It is proposed that in many clinical presentations, the failure or underperformance of this control system makes a significant contribution to the aberrant physiological state of the tissue, or indeed, the resulting pathological process [3, 9, 10]. This is entirely in keeping with the result that would be expected following an equivalent disturbance in the biochemical control system(s).

The basic concept underpinning the use of Microcurrent Therapy as an externally applied (exogenous) energy is that it facilitates the restoration (normalisation) of the deficient or aberrant endogenous bioelectric signals [3, 9]. Put simply, if the internal currents are deficient or missing, their supplementation from outside the body helps the body/tissues to regain a normal (homeostatic) status [11, 12].

It is not suggested that the use of Microcurrent Therapy is the panacea for all illness, pathology or tissue response to injury, nor is it the only way in which these responses can be evoked. It is however an evidenced intervention and one which takes a ‘gentle’ approach – enabling the body to respond appropriately. It has sometimes been described as a means to enable ‘normalisation’ of the endogenous current

How The Body Uses Microcurrents In Relation To Injury, Repair And Pain

There is a normal level of bioelectric activity in all tissues [1, 2, 5, 7]. Following injury/disease, there is a disturbance of this normal level [1, 3, 8-12]. The departure from the norm acts as one of the stimuli for the body to respond to the injury/disease and mounts an appropriate response [12]. If the body fails to generate this stimulus (sometimes referred to as having a ‘flat battery’), then the tissue response to injury will be insufficient for optional repair/recovery [12].The delivery of a microcurrent from outside the body acts as an energy source to enhance or to activate the normal repair response [6, 13-16]. The microcurrents themselves are not doing the healing – they are however stimulating the normal tissue response which is, for whatever reason, stalled or underperforming [4, 17]. It is proposed that this will not only enhance the repair sequence, but will indirectly diminish the pain experienced by the individual [6]. It is further proposed that the use of Microcurrent Therapy has a direct (overt) effect on pain perception. This is active without nerve stimulation (as would be the mechanism with other interventions such as TENS for example) [18-22].In addition to the ability of Microcurrent Therapy to enhance the natural endogenous bioelectric activity, there is evidence that it increases the amount of ATP available in the stimulated tissue, further enhancing the energy available to the cells involved in repair [4, 23-25]. The bioelectric and ATP pathways are almost certainly not mutually exclusive, and most likely work in tandem and are co-supportive [4]. In order for Microcurrent Therapy to be effective, the logic and the evidence would support relatively long applications at low levels of stimulation. The clinical evidence appears to demonstrate stronger results with increasing hours of application – making this an application that suits the home (non-clinic) environment [26].

Evidence Of Microcurrent Therapy’s Effectiveness In Tissue Repair

A recent review of the published literature identified n=11 studies that were of sufficient quality to merit inclusion (7x RCTs; 2x experimental studies, not controlled; 1x case series and 1x comparative study) [1-11]. A total of 379 patients were involved in these trials with 66% being exposed to Microcurrent Therapy.Microcurrent Therapy was deemed to be effective in 10 of the 11 publications (91%), employing 96% of all trial participants (n=363). The ineffective trial was reference 6, Ho et al,. (2007). The clinical conditions treated in these 10 studies included, 2x tennis elbow; 2x total knee arthroplasty (post-operative); achilles tendinopathy; groin strain; head/neck fibrosis; inflammation (lab-induced); plantar fasciitis and temporomandibular disorder.Overall, in relation to clinical healing/repair issues, there is more supportive published evidence than evidence suggesting an ineffective treatment. Adverse events/effects reporting identifies no significant issues or risks. On balance, Microcurrent based therapy has supportive evidence of effectiveness across a wide range of clinical injury and repair presentations. The ‘stimulation’ parameters from the effective studies were identified in a dose/response analysis and fell into what is now considered to be an effective range.

Evidence Of Microcurrent Therapy’s Effectiveness In Pain Management

A recent review of the published literature identified n=17 studies that were of sufficient quality to merit inclusion (8x RCTs; 3x case studies/case series; 2x cohort studies; 2x controlled studies; 1x cross over study and 1x retrospective analysis) [1-17]. Microcurrent Therapy was deemed effective in 13 of the 17 publications (76%), employing 95% of all trial participants (n=2335), who reported a significant effect in terms of pain relief and pain perception. The ineffective trials were references 1, 6, 7 and 17. The clinical conditions treated in these 17 studies included, 2x chronic lower back pain; 2x mixed chronic pain syndromes; 2x pain secondary to radiotherapy or cancer surgery; mixed chronic neuromuscular back and neck pain; carpal tunnel; diabetic neuropathy; chronic periodontitis; orthodontic pain and groin strain.

Since this review of the literature (2015), two additional pain relevant studies have been published, involving 118 patients with either chronic neck pain or lateral elbow tendinopathy. Both studies provided significant pain relief and are consistent with the other publications in this section. The majority of these publications reported no significant adverse or unwanted effects as a result of the application of Microcurrent Therapy. There were some reports of minor skin irritation in one publication, but it is important to note that participants in this study were wearing the device 24/7.

Overall, in relation to clinical pain issues, there is more supportive published evidence than evidence suggesting an ineffective treatment. On balance, Microcurrent based therapy has supportive evidence of effectiveness across a wide range of clinical pain presentations. The ‘stimulation’ parameters from the effective studies were identified in a dose/response analysis and fell into what is now considered to be an effective range

Key Texts

The publications listed below might be considered some of the most pioneering and informative on the application and effectiveness of Microcurrent Therapy. This being said there are many hundreds of peer-reviewed publications relating to the use of Microcurrent Therapy, which can be accessed through relatively simple searches on Google ScholarPubMedResearchGate and other scientific search engines.Electrical stimulation technologies for wound healing
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Unfortunately, for a number of reasons we are unable to provide devices for loans and trials on an individual basis. However, ArcEquine devices can be rented. Please use the contact form below and give a brief description of your horse's problem and we will be in touch.

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Clare Bosley

Arc and ligament injury

“My mare is recovering from a suspensory ligament acute tear. 10 months later she has been discharged with the vets saying it couldn’t look any better, just a slight thickening. A lot never come sound. She is floating around. I have used the Arc for the whole rehabilitation.”


Fab piece of kit!

“I purchased an ArcEquine kit after my mare suffered a bad DDFT injury earlier this year. She was lame & the only treatment was rest & ‘Bute’ along with remedial shoeing. I did not want to box rest her 24/7 for months on end, mainly for her sanity & my safety, so I opted for stabling all day & turnout at night. From May to October I used the ArcEquine every day and now she is sound without pain relief. I honestly believe the ArcEquine aided her recovery.”


“My 27 year old horse suddenly caught pneumonia and when scanned had 2/3 of his lungs full of fluid. Given his age my vet agreed to treat him at home with very strong antibiotics twice a day. The first day was horrid and my poor horse was in so much pain..... then I decided to put the Arcequine on twice a day as he had his IV antibiotics.... wow what a difference! He went from colicky, not eating, and in a lot of pain after each treatment to sleeping for an hour and then brightening up. A week later his white blood cells are back to normal, he’s bright and mischievous, and I’m feeling a lot more positive about his recovery. I have been using Arcequine for over 5 years on my horses and this is just another example how this is a must for your kit bag. Thank you”

“I bought the arc after hearing about someone using it with great success for a long-standing lameness issue. My horse has had a few knocks over the years and I’ve found that he was often going lame from previous injuries and often uncomfortable and stiff. After using the arc daily for a month I noticed huge changes. He felt incredible when schooled and when taken on the endurance track I felt I had my old horse , pre injury back. Loads of energy and really striding out. So impressed and wish I had heard about it sooner! Friends have ordered theirs after seeing him perform”

Julie Thompson

Arc Equine for hip pain

“I have been using Arc Equine for the last 6 months, and I can honestly say the results have been amazing. I bought it because I had heard lots of great things about it, and I was suffering from severe pain in my left hip at the time, which was getting rapidly worse. I was having trouble sleeping because I couldn't get comfortable, I couldn't bend down to do up my shoes, getting out of bed was very painful. Enter Arc Equine. I followed the guidelines for the human Arc, and started to notice an improvement within two weeks. Over the course of the following 4 weeks, the pain in my hip became less and less. After 6 weeks I was back to normal, leaping out of bed in the morning, no pain in my hip whatsoever. I still use ArcEquine daily on Programme 3, because I don't want the hip pain to come back. I am over the moon with this product. Totally awesome!”

Jude Watts

“Brilliant device. My horse no longer needs cortisone injections”

Sarah-Jane Mortimer

“Absolutely amazing bit of kit. An absolute must for any horse owner. I’ve also used it on myself and my dog!”

Jo V Wilson

“Absolutely first class customer service, and an amazing product that works! I bought an ArcEquine recently to help my horse who has various problems and soundness issues. I've been using this for several weeks now and have noticed significant changes in my horse's mobility, comfort and attitude. He's certainly more relaxed and contented since starting treatment with the ArcEquine, and he is striding out more fluidly and confidently than before. His flexibility is also improved. I had a slight issue with the leg strap shortly after buying and I contacted the company about this. They responded immediately and offered a replacement with no issues at all. Absolutely first class customer service, and an amazing product that works!”

Heather Schirman Gibson

Mare with Bad Heat Cycles

“I usually do not leave reviews but wanted to in case it helps a horse owner in the same situation as I was in.  I have a mare who cycles every two and a half weeks.  Her cycles were so bad that we weren't able to ride her for four days because all she did was squat.  We did blood work, ultrasounds, tried all kinds of herbs, drugs, etc., you name it we did it. I did a ton of research and couldn't find anything more to help her.  She cycled throughout the year.  About a year and a half ago we were introduced to ArcEquine; not for her cycles but rather to keep her muscles loose between sessions. We were having a specialist do deep tissue massage on her and we were allowed to borrow her Arc to see what we thought.  I was skeptical but committed to following the directions to the t.  After completing the Arc regime I didn't think I noticed much difference. At that time we decided not to buy the Arc. About three weeks after giving the Arc back our mare came into heat. I had not realized that she had been out of heat for a couple of months.  I talked with my vet and he said he was doubtful that she stayed out of heat but that the Arc probably disguised the cycle somehow.  I immediately bought my own Arc and use it now on a daily/ every other day basis on both my horses.  I have no idea how and why it works but it does!”

Natalie Lisiewicz

“Overall happy with product, need to use with a bandage. Very happy with the product. The only recommendation is to inform owners to use a light stable bandage with it. After often finding the product had fallen out of its holder I was informed by ArcEquine to use a light leg bandage to hold in place, this would have saved some initial frustration.”


Wish I had bought one sooner

“Had been thinking of purchasing a unit for some time and went ahead when there was an offer for refurbished units.  So pleased I finally did and only wished I had bought one sooner.  I don't think there has been a day since it arrived when the unit hasn't been in use.  Used for several little niggly injuries with great results.  Has also been used by my husband for an old injury that has developed severe arthritis - he was extremely sceptical but he is now back to how he was several years ago, with much reduced medication and he swears by it.  I may need to buy another one!”

Miriam Butler

“I have 2 ArcEquine units and I cannot praise this company or devices enough. WoodyI loves it! I have been following the ArcEquine for over a year and have always been intrigued by it and the reviews I have read. I can quite simply say I do not understand the technology of it but having saved up and purchased one in the 2019 Black Friday sale I can safely say I love it. I have a 10 year old mare who suffered intermittent lameness in spring 2019. Having had full x-rays and bone scans resulting in a hefty insurance claim the vet diagnosed enlarged vertebra in her lower neck believed to have been caused by a fall in the yard. The vet warned that she might never jump again. She was given the prescribed bute and rest period then brought slowly back into work. I thought her length of stride felt greatly improved but still had the feeling that she was slightly 'proppy' on the turns but not lame. 6 weeks into her return to work I started using the ArcEquine. Within a week her stride was noticeably longer, no propping on the turns and she honestly felt like she was floating along. She has continued to go from strength to strength and started jumping just after Christmas. She has completed her 6 week course and currently has the Arc on weekly mainly after jumping session. Her movement now feels the best it ever has in the 2.5 years I have owned her.Following the difference it made on her I have started using it on my 18 year old jumping pony who had no apparent issues but again 3 weeks into his 6 week course he is more elastic in his jump and less stiff to have his back feet picked out. I have also started using it on my rising 4 year old ready for when he starts full work in the spring and to see if it has any effect on a wart he has. I now feel it is valuable part of keeping my horses & ponies at their best and most comfortable. I wouldn't be without it.”

Sue Zoltner-Forbes

“I want to share some kind of amazing news...  I am a huge believer in the Arc, ever since a vet recommended it for my then 3.5 year old gelding who had both front SDFT tendons that were larger than normal and a scan showed they had some scar tissue and were not coping with his work. Within two weeks of wearing the arc every day he had normal size tendons and has been going strong ever since, in fact he ended up ranked number one in the province in preliminary dressage and is probably headed for number one in novice as well this year.  Anyway I bought a second arc for myself and my husband because I used to have a sore back and he had knee arthritis and it cured my back and his knee pain is reduced to a level he never thought possible.  A few months ago my 74 year old mom who lives in the USA called and said she was afraid she was getting Parkinson’s Disease because she had a tremor develop and was having trouble writing and was also moving slower.  I googled microcurrents and Parkinsons and found some evidence that some doctors are using microcurrents to treat Parkinsons so I bought her an ArcEquine too ( they cant ship arc4health to the USA and my great experiences were all with ArcEquine so I went with that).  She just called me and said that she’s finally wearing it consistently and her tremors have gone away!  I am just ecstatic, what a wonderful product!   And she’s never slept better in her life she said! Thank you ArcEquine!”

Elizabeth Leech

So far so good!

“I bought the arc for a tendon injury and decided to invest as it can be used on all my horses as a maintenance tool. The machine is very easy to use, but seems a little sensitive in this cold weather, it can take a while to work And turn on. We have been using the unit daily but are still in the early stages of rehab but scans show things are heading in the right direction so fingers crossed. It’s easy to use and the horses are unaware of it.”

Angela Carol Dalmas

“I bought the ArcEquine in desperation after my horse had a check ligament injury.  It is absolutely brilliant. I really do not think that my horse would have recovered as quickly without it. The programs and application are easy and understandable. I now turn him out a couple of times a week in a paddock and I am able to ride him again although he is not yet back to full workload which to be honest is only leisure riding. The days he is stabled I use the arc on the 3 hour program.  I have also noticed that he is less stiff overhaul when boxed if I use the ArcEquine. A must buy in my opinion.”


“I've had my ArcEquine since July due to my 28year old mare damaging her suspensory ligament (very high up behind her knee) she was very lame on 4 bute, 30 paracetamol a day as well as Fynadine paste when needed. Vet told me 6 months box rest :( Well I can truly say that the Arc has made a massive difference I got her off all her pain killers 3 weeks ago and she is now back in the paddock enjoying life!!! She is so much brighter which is lovely to see”

Sara Ashcroft

Excellent product with good customer service

“This unit is a really useful addition to any yard to help ensure their horses soundness.  The team at ArcEquine are very helpful in responding to any queries and offer advice where appropriate.”


“Bought this to help my horse with arthritis, just finished the initial 6 week course and I believe it has improved already. Easy to use and the customer service is excellent, very helpful with any questions I had etc”

Marianne Speirs

“Bought it for a horse with constantly recurring lymphangitis. Attacks were frequent I have followed the programme and so far so good the ArcEquine has nearly paid for itself as it has saved on vet bills

Karen Lynn

“Our point to pointer broke down in May and been using the ArcEquine for his recovery.  Vet told us at the time it was very badly damaged and not to expect too much.  Scanned him at 9 weeks and vet could not believe the improvement.  I have been using other healing methods too but think the arc equine has played a huge part in his recovery.”

Diana James

Proactive management of an older horse

“As I have an older horse (17) that is still competing SJ I thought I would invest in an ArcEquine to keep on top of niggles. After a few weeks I could definitely feel that his way of going was improved and also he loves it! He's a sharp horse but when he sees the device he starts licking and chewing and then falls half asleep while its's on. Customer service has been amazing and I can't fault the device or the Arc team.”

Andrea Rawley

“My horse has just had surgery for an angular ligament cut and a tear in his manicure tendon sheath I have been using the arc before and after surgery obviously I don’t know yet the outcome until he has his re assessment in July but I’m hoping that by using the arc it has helped his recovery.”


“My horse was diagnosed with PSD in both hinds last year. I feel the arc has really helped during his recovery and in general I feel he is a much more comfortable, happy horse. Would highly recommend”

Heather Krebs

Best product I have purchased all year

“My 20 year old grand prix horse had minor lameness that vets could not find after ultra sounds, x-rays, injections - nothing worked.  Vets decided that we should do stifle surgery (ouch big money)  I had already spent thousands on vet bills that did not work, so what was another $500, my tack store Horse Crazy recommended the product and swears by it for people, strange enough other people I know use it on themselves with great success.  My success story is this - horse has been lame and unable to work for a year, when we did work him it was obvious he was uncomfortable, dragging back foot and lolling tongue.  After a couple days with Arc Equine horse was no longer lame (dont know how or why - and I dont care) It works!  I have been using the unit for a month and a half and this horse has been sound every time we take him out.  I did go on holiday and horse didnt get treatment, when I arrived home and first ride out horse lolling tongue again, I put the unit back on and the next day no problems with tongue.  I AM A BELIEVER!!  If you are on the fence about rather to buy one of these units or not, I would tell you I have saved over $500 in vet bills alone and finally have a sound happy horse.”

Alexis Wylie

Arc Equine the calm restorer!

“We got our ArcEquine just after Christmas. It's easy peasy to use & we hoped it would help him travelling after a scare recently. We use it on his near fore. Leno also loves it after a strong workout. Or even a treat on a damp miserable day. Today we took him to the gallops and settled him afterwards with his Arc back home. With the BE OuN18 season about to start we're feeling confident with our Arc on board this year. Great after sales too after hiccup with device..... Instantly replaced.”

Wyn Morris

“I can't believe how wonderful the Arc is!!! & why I hadn't heard of it before,  I've got 26 horses in work ranging from sales prep to point to pointers & eventers to show horses/ponies so far we have used the arc on tendon injury, capped hock , a horse that had a bad fall racing etc & its proved to be a valuable piece of kit (saving me a lot of money with the vets) I'm so impressed with it I bought two & would highly recommend arc equine to everyone.”

Tina Patchcott

“My horse was diagnosed with bilateral hindlimb PSD in November. Along with box rest and shockwave, I bought the ArcEquine after seeing other people great results. My vet has been very pleased with her progress. January sound and brought back into ridden work. Taking it slow but still use the unit every day. It certainly hasn't done any harm and I have recommended it to a friend already. It is easy to use and if it can help the healing process, why not! Looking forward to seeing her scans to 'see' the difference! Going to save up for the human version for myself!”

Emma Wells

Highly recommend

“Bought the Arc Equine originally for my 30 year old pony with arthritis but day after it arrived my daughters showjumper pulled a shoe off in the field and cane in lame with swollen foreleg. We used full programme on him but swelling and lameness gone within 3 days, brought back into work after a week, I really believe Arc contributed to speedy recovery. Just started using on arthritis pony and I can honestly say after 5 days he seems brighter in himself and a lot happier in field than he has over the last year, walking out better and he looks better in himself.”


Love my Arc

“ArcEquine customer service is very helpful and the unit works even better than I would have thought possible. I rave about it to all my friends and wish I had a second unit to lend out for trials to all those who ask.”

Lynda Smith

“My lovely horse had a year on box rest following Cushing related laminitis and pedal bone rotations in both front feet, which were very close to the sole. I bought the arch in the Black Friday deal, and my lovely mare is back into light work and feels amazing, I’ve no doubt the Arc is helping her recover, I also am seeing changes in her sarcoid! Thank you so much”

Wendy Chaplin

Operated Tendons

“Bought this piece of equipment in the Black Friday sale.  We have been using this on my mare who has undergone two major tendon operations after finishing on a high eventing last year.  The arc has aided her in her speedy recovery, she had been on approx. 6 months box rest when we started using it and the vet is very happy with her recovery so I can only presume that the arc equine has aided her.  She has now had the green light given for us to start light walking work and had been put on a 12 week programme, of which we will continue to use the arc all the way through and beyond the 12 weeks.  Thank you so much for giving us hope. x x x”

Maddi Burchell

“This piece of equipment is excellent!! I’ve had an arc unit since they first started and they have always produced amazing results. My husband was so impressed with the results on my horses that he got a unit for him!”


“Bought the ArcEquine after 6 months of on and off lameness of my cob. First he had a hock issue (probably slight arthritis) and then he pulled his annular ligament in his fetlock. Tried to give him time off and bringing him slowly back into work but after a few weeks he would go lame again and the leg would be swollen again. I have been using the ArcEquine now for over a month and he is completely sound. Before even in his sound phases, he was always 1/10 lame. Of course I don't know if everything has to do with the ArcEquine but I have been trying a long time and he feels and looks so much better, so I definitely would say it’s worth it!”

Helen Jones

“I bought the ArcEquine to help my pony who had damaged his collateral ligament. He had 10 months off and still wasn’t quite sound. I have to the say the Arc does seem to have helped him get back to full fitness. He is loving life again and behaving like a 5 year old (he is 13!). Also, he has had an issue with his sheath for the last 4 years. It gets inflamed and infected right at the top which is a nightmare to treat. Having spent a fortune on vets and treatments trying to sort this out, I have noticed that since using the Arc, it is much less angry and 7 weeks in I am really hopeful that we can cure it altogether. Will let you know! I have since bought the Arc4health which has helped my son with an Achilles injury. Customer service is also fantastic. Your staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you.”

Glynis Cooper

“I purchased the arc when my horse tore a tendon about 3 years ago and used it for 6 months during his rehab. I was delighted when my vet signed him off and said if he hadn't seen the ultrasound scans he would never have known there had been a tendon problem. Last year I lent the arc to a friend whose horse had developed a sarcoid between his thighs so high up the vets agreed it would not be possible for it to be removed and the wound to heal. His only hope was the arc and it worked wonders. Within a few weeks the sarcoid dropped off and to our vets amazement the wound healed within 10 days. Since then he has had another sarcoid which also dropped off. To round off an incredible year he qualified for HOYS in the SEIB Search for a Star Show Hunter class and has now been selected to go to the SEIB Your Horse Live Showing Championship in November. I couldn't recommend the arc equine more highly.”

Adele Etheridge

“I brought the ArcEquine because my horse was diagnosed with PSD. Not knowing a lot about the Arc, I researched and asked people for their opinion. No excellent recommendations I brought one. If you know anything about PSD the outcome is not favourable for a dressage horse. Well I have just had the 12 week scan and I am happy to say that the Arc has done its job and I am allowed to ride him again!!!! Still a long way to go but thanks to ArcEquine I still have my boy.”

Ros Bayfield

“One horse, 12 years old, has an arthritic hock resulting from a kick when he was 2-3 years old.  His performance dropped over the summer, possibly due to the hard ground, and he did not seem his usual happy, willing self.  After about 4 weeks of use he returned to his happy self, and his movement is more even.  The other horse was on recuperation after a flare up of hind suspensory ligament, following severe injury to it 3+ years ago.  Initially he became very listless, dull-eyed and introverted and not his cheeky self.  He is sound again now and his movement much improved.  And finally, I have my happy chappy back again”


Soft tissue injury

“My horse had been lame for 4 months with a soft tissue injury in his left fore. My vet was concerned that there had been no progress at all and he had in fact got worse with heart bar shoes on. I came across Arc Equine at Gatcombe and given how bleak it was looking, I figured that it was worth a try. Best decision that I could have made. Within 2 weeks, he had gone from 7/10 lame to sound. I have continued to use the unit to support his recovery as I bring him back in to work. He is now trotting laps of the arena and has remained sound. Couldn't recommend it more. I call it the 'little magic box'.”

Phillipa Selwood

Wouldn’t be without it now!

“I purchased an arc equine on several recommendations after my horse had torn her manica flexoria ligament and had to have it removed, as well as having a small high suspensory injury. She’s had a total of 3 months box rest and her legs have always swelled when stood in a stable for too long, but after using the arc after the first week her legs stopped swelling and she seemed very comfortable. She trotted up perfectly sound last week and will be starting her ridden rehab next week, the vets are really pleased with how well everything has healed and are very positive she will return to full work. I wouldn’t be without the arc now and will certainly be using it for maintenance and any future injuries.”

Sharon Webb

“Amazing piece of equipment, my horse loves having it on, it is easy to use too.”

Bianca Seward-Morris

“Amazing product for healing as well as maintenance/prevention! It has been a total game changer for me, I literally Wouldn’t be without one now! Knowledgeable and helpful team as well, would 100% recommend!”

Amy B

Amazing, Love it.

“Used as a last resort on my chap who had been written off by the vet, he had Ks, bone spavin, pedal bone changes and a massive torn tendon. He recovered from all very well to my vets amazement. Everyone very helpful at the end of the phone too, planning personal programs to use and ready to answer any questions. I wouldn't be without my ArcEquine now and it's part of my daily routine.”

Miranda Filmer

“A truly revolutionary product whose results speak for themselves! Easy to use and hassle free, it is effective on a huge range of issues.”

Helen Martin

“A fantastic piece of kit to invest in for the yard. We have used it on several horses with great results. I highly recommend.”

Holly Davis

Excellent product

“It was advised that my horse had his annular ligament on which was hugely enlarged. I didn't feel surgery was in his best interests, so instead he was turned out wearing his ArcEquine. As he was kept at home he was able to wear it 14 hours a day. After six months, his ligament was back to its normal size.”

Fran Groves

“A truly wonderful product - can correct so many 'imbalances' in the body (be it human, equine or canine).  Soon pays for itself.  The company appears very ethical and forward-thinking as well as helpful on a one-to-one basis.  I recommend Arc Equine without reservation.”

Sara Cottrell

“Fab piece of kit. Easy to use, effective, and backed by science. Highly recommend.”

Sarah-Jane Brown

Fabulous kit

“I have used ArcEquine for a number of years now and would thoroughly recommend it. It has been invaluable in helping healing in injuries as well as used as part of my maintenance and recovery routines. I have also used the technology on myself and the dogs with success. My unit is in constant use to the extent I am debating investing in another!”

Victoria Smart

“We have six ArcEquine units and use them extensively on the racehorses and my daughter's show jumpers. We have also benefited from the technology on a personal level and have found Arc particularly useful following an acute injury or trauma and as part of a recovery programme for both humans and horses. My daughter says she would not be without the ArcEquine on competition day using it on her horses pre and post-performance and then she takes it home to use on herself in the evening.  The Arc team are always on hand to offer support and advice which is extremely important especially when we are treating an unusual or complex condition and recommend them to anybody who is considering purchasing a unit.”

Jo Ellis-Jones

“I have used the ArcEquine on my horses (and myself)  for various injuries and always found it really helpful at speeding up the healing process. I've used it on the horses for a ligament injury, general sprains causing mild lameness, back and neck issues and for general maintenance. It's a great piece of kit and I wouldn't be without it!”

Jon Lea

Brilliant bit of kit

“Been using the arc on my pony to help treat her laminitis , it has helped tremendously with the recommendations of the company and help they give I would recommend to anybody it’s also helped calm Bumble down she is defiantly more relaxed!”