Powered by the gift of GPT-4o

A powerful companion robot for Education

A unique therapeutic aid for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Develops Emotional Intelligence and builds Self-Confidence

Encourages Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

Boost Academic Learning and Learn new Languages

Loona is a programmable smart, intuitive, affectionate, and playful PetBot for coding education and fun

Extra company, Extra love

Extra happiness

Smart AI

Loona is a Super Intelligent Creature

With powerful computing power, strong perception capabilities and can operate offline

3D ToF LiDAR Sensor

3D-ToF (Time of Flight) camera detects environmental obstacles and generates data to help her move swiftly in the space and navigate in the environment.

Trajectory Planning        Object Recognition

Wanders around the home with ease,

so your whole house is her playground!

She responds to you
all the time

Using a directional, 4-mic setup, Loona listens out for your call. Just say "Hello Loona" and she'll come running to find you.
She can be instructed to move around, but she shines when she gets to share her love of hip-hop, magic, and so much more. You can even customize the words Loona learns.
Let's take a look at some options!

Endless possibilities for play

With the Loona App, you can have an exciting game of bullfighting using the official red cloth props. Whoo! Watch out, she's not kidding!

A game of fetch is a favourite for Loona. Got a ball? Loona will chase it like crazy!

Loona can also be your remote home assistant!

She is equipped with a camera, a speaker, and Amazon's AWS intelligent voice recognition service. using the Loona APP, you can control her remotely to interact with your pet when you are away and make voice calls with your family.

Loona is a cutting edge coding education robot

Loona is fully programmable!

Use the Loona app to learn how to code using block based coding (Google Blockly). Teach her new tricks and share them with the global community. Download the code for new tricks and abilities shared by the growing Loona community and become a coding master.

Loona can go to sleep by herself

Loona can find her charging dock to recharge by herself. This allows her to wait for your commands all the time.

Loona is constantly evolving

Loona can be continuously updated and upgraded via OTA (over-the air) so that she evolves to get more fun features and tools.