Slide The Worlds Smallest
App-Enabled Robotic Ball
sphero-mini-header Sphero Mini packs tons of fun into a tiny,
app-enabled robotic ball. Drive, play games,
learn to code, and more.
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This Ball Is A Robot.
This Robot Is A Ball.

Packed with teeny tiny tech, Sphero Mini has a little gyroscope, accelerometer, and LED lights. With almost an hour of play time, Sphero Mini is the next big thing

Slide LITTLE ROBOT. LOTTA FUN. sphero-logo-white sphero-mini-face-drive Drive This Ball With your face Drive Mini using different modes with the Sphero Mini app, or just by using your lovely mug

Slide Mini-mobile-videogame This ball is a video game controller Use Mini as a controller to shoot your way through space, race through a tunnel, or to destroy a polygon of bricks. app-store-badge google-play-badge

Slide Use javascript to program this robot If you’re feeling extra clever, download the Sphero Edu app and program your robot using JavaScript app-store-badge google-play-badge

Sphero Edu Logo Sphero Edu provides a toolset that is unbounded in its potential. While coding and 21st century skills are necessary, our program also goes beyond code by incorporating robotics and technology with collaborative STEAM activities, nurturing students’ imaginations in ways no other education program can. BEYOND CODE BB8 small R2D2 small Sphero-Mini-Green Sprk small PROGRAM THESE ROBOTS More info