Filmed by PIX4TEAM without a cameraman

Left-right, up-down and zoom movements are automatic. Users can choose the zoom level.

Best image quality on the market

  • Film with a renowned camera brand of your choice with a real optical zoom ;
  • or your smartphone breathtaking video quality.

With the free PIX4TEAM CAMERA app

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Scoreboard and banner

Add score, game time and an advertisement banner with your sponsors or logos to your videos and PIX4TEAM lives

Susbcribe now From US$/€24.90 monthly

Host and quickly share your videos

with targeted groups, teams, parents, leagues, coaches and officials

✅ Number of videos: unlimited*

✅ Video sources: All types of origins from as many devices as you want

✅ How long your videos are stored: 12 months, renewable

✅ Number of groups or teams for sharing: unlimited

✅ Maximum number of users invited to share your videos with: 100

✅ Invited users can download shared videos: yes, freely

How does it work?

EASY setup that takes minutes
on a stand at the edge of the field or on a tripod in the bleachers...

...define the field limits on the free PIX4TEAM REMOTE app
And start recording and/or streaming from the app

Take control with your smartphone/tablet

Start / stop the recording of the top camera or wide-angle camera of the PIX4TEAM

Manage your game live streaming

Choose the automatic zoom

With the free PIX4TEAM REMOTE app

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No subscription required

Film and stream your games without subscription or additional monthly fees.