Why Zarasyl?

Over a decade of research has gone into the patented science behind Zarasyl Equine Barrier Cream. The silicate technology was initially designed for humans but as equestrians we soon realized the benefit for our horses' delicate skin as well.
Everyone who loves and cares for horses knows how frustrating equine skin problems can be, and how challenging and expensive it can be to manage them.
Containing no steroids or antibiotics, we have created a competition safe high-tech amorphous silica formula.
It’s no secret that horse owners want the very best for our horses, whether they’re headed to a Grand Prix, a Derby race or enjoying the day turned out in a field. That's why we created Zarasyl - to help your horse feel and perform their best!

Equine Skin Care

Over a decade of scientific research has been conducted to perfect the patented, novel technology contained in Zarasyl Equine Barrier Cream.

Zarasyl is steroid and antibiotic free.

Zarasyl’s formula creates a superior moisturizing environment.

Zarasyl contains a proprietary amorphous silica with a molecular structure tailored to provide sustained delivery of orthosilicic acid to the skin. Orthosilicic acid is the bioavailable form of silicon associated with healthy connective tissue growth.

Silicate Technology

Silica (SiO2) is the oxide of silicon, the most abundant essential trace element in animals after iron and zinc. It occurs in crystalline form, such as quartz, or amorphous form, such as bottle glass and the silica found in plants. Amorphous silica is non-toxic via oral, dermal and ocular routes of exposure. In water it dissolves to form orthosilicic acid (Si(OH)4), the bioavailable form of silicon that's associated with healthy connective tissue growth.

All ingredients are odorless, non-volatile, water miscible, chemically stable, non-irritating and non-toxic.  Zarasyl is oil free and being water based ensures a moist, semi-occlusive environment.